Password Help

To generate a password, enter your username (your login) in the space provided, then click the Begin button. Email with additional instructions will be sent to the external (not email address you have on file with The WELL.

If you've forgotten your username, call or email Helpdesk at with your real name and the email address we have in our records for you.

If your current email address is not in our billing records, you must call us to provide it and to obtain a new password. Our number is (415) 343-5731. Please leave a voicemail if our representative is not available.

NOTE: Members using Apple Mail or MacMail will need to take additional steps in their Apple Mail interface when using a new or changed password. See the Section Where do I change my password? on the Using Well Email page here: Using Well Email

for specific information.

Reminder: if you use multiple devices to access your Well Mail, i.e. laptop, tablet, mobile phone, specially when those devices are set to connect automatically, you may need to log out and log back in again and reset the password on all of them.

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