Announcing the creation of a new Internet email list for information about and discussion of the Grateful Dead Hour.

The Grateful Dead Hour is a nationally syndicated radio program devoted to exploring the wide musical world of America's best-loved band. Produced and hosted by David Gans, it began in its present form in 1987 and is currently heard on more than 80 public, community, college and commercial radio stations from coast to coast. The program presents high-quality recordings of the band's live performances from analog and digital master tapes provided by the Grateful Dead, as well as interviews with band members, recordings by artists who influenced the Dead, other people's performances of Dead music, and so on.

Subscribers to the mailing list will receive regular reports detailing the content of upcoming broadcasts. In addition, they can post requests and comments, connect with other tape collectors for copies of past programs, discuss how to get stations to carry the GD Hour, etc.

To subscribe, simply send email to with the word subscribe in the body of the message. You will receive back a confirmation message with instructions. Read that message and follow through; you then will be subscribed to the list.

The default for new subscriptions is "digest" mode -- the digest sends out *one* message per day, complete with all the posts from that day only. The "single-message" list will resend each email message as it arrives at the server.

To subscribe to the single-message mailing list, send email to with the word subsingle in the body of the message.

Please note that the Grateful Dead Hour Mailing List will not provide the names or email addresses of its subscribers for any other purpose.

Enjoy the mailing list, stay tuned, and have fun!

David Gans and Truth and Fun, Inc. thank Michael Zelner for creating and maintaining the GD Hour Internet mailing list.


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