inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #151 of 196: Mark McDonough (mcdee) Fri 17 Jan 14 06:44
Well, from that list, I'd say I have much in common with the rich
folks at Davos, at least where worries are concerned.
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #152 of 196: Jon Lebkowsky (jonl) Fri 17 Jan 14 07:35
Though you have to acknowledge a difference in perspective. The folks
who meet at Davos can arguable *do something* about those concerns. We
all share their probably interminable list of concerns (what Bruce
posted was only a top ten list, since focus ain't infinite). However
they can move money and power where it matters, like the human body's
physical center clustering white blood cells around infection.

Here in Texas we should be focused on water crises:
 However in Austin we're more focused on the most pressing problem -
the air is fairly toxic with 1,794 grains per cubic meter of cedar (aka
juniper) pollen. At least we're not living in the San Joaquin Valley,
where dust in the air is even more toxic, as in potentially fatal: 
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #153 of 196: Bruce Sterling (bruces) Fri 17 Jan 14 08:02
*Well, here comes another "petition against mass surveillance," this
one apparently surfacing first in Amsterdam rather than Berlin.

*2014 is Spook, Spook, Spook Country, folks.

Academics Against Mass Surveillance

Last summer it was revealed, largely thanks to Edward Snowden, that
American and European intelligence services are engaging in mass
surveillance of hundreds of millions of people.

Intelligence agencies monitor people's Internet use, obtain their
phone calls, email messages, Facebook entries, financial details, and
much more. Agencies have also gathered personal information by
accessing the internal data flows of firms such as Google and Yahoo.
Skype calls are "readily available" for interception. Agencies have
purposefully weakened encryption standards - the same techniques that
should protect our online banking and our medical files. These are just
a few examples from recent press reports. In sum: the world is under
an unprecedented level of surveillance.

This has to stop.

The right to privacy is a fundamental right. It is protected by
international treaties, including the International Covenant on Civil
and Political Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights.
Without privacy people cannot freely express their opinions or seek and
receive information. Moreover, mass surveillance turns the presumption
of innocence into a presumption of guilt. Nobody denies the importance
of protecting national security, public safety, or the detection of
crime. But current secret and unfettered surveillance practices violate
fundamental rights and the rule of law, and undermine democracy.

The signatories of this declaration call upon nation states to take
action. Intelligence agencies must be subjected to transparency and
accountability. People must be free from blanket mass surveillance
conducted by intelligence agencies from their own or foreign countries.
States must effectively protect everyone's fundamental rights and
freedoms, and particularly everyone's privacy.

January 2014

If you are an academic and you would like to sign the declaration,
please email us at 
info (at) 
with your name, academic function and university in the subject line. 

 Ian Brown (Associate Director of Oxford University's Cyber Security
 Douwe Korff (Professor International Law, London Metropolitan
 Serge Gutwirth (Professor of Human Rights, Comparative law, Legal
Theory and Methodology, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
 Bart Jacobs (Professor of Software Security and Correctness, Radboud
University Nijmegen)
 Bert-Jaap Koops (Professor Regulation & Technology, Tilburg
 Roger Clarke (Visiting Professor, Faculty of Law, UNSW and Research
School of Computer Science, ANU)
 Roger Brownsword (Professor of Law, King's College London)
 Bruce Schneier (Fellow, Berkman Institute for Internet and Society,
Harvard Law School)
 Katherine Strandburg (Alfred B. Engelberg Professor of Law, New York
 Dirk Helbing (Professor of Sociology, in particular of Modeling and
Simulation, ETH Zurich)
 Ulrich Beck (Professor of Sociology, University of Munich and London
School of Economics)
 David Lyon (Professor, Queen's Research Chair in Surveillance
Studies, Queen's University)
 Yves Poullet (Professor of Law, University of Namur)
 Colin Benett (Professor, Department of Political Science, University
of Victoria)
 Joel Reidenberg (Visiting Professor, Princeton University; Stanley D.
and Nikki Waxberg Chair in Law, Fordham University)
 Mary deYoung (Professor, Department of Sociology, Grand Valley State
 Catherine Dwyer (Associate Professor, Seidenberg School of Computer
Science & Information Systems, Pace University)
 Anne-Lise Sibony (Professor of European Law, University of Liége)
 Laurent de Sutter (FWO Senior Researcher, Free University Brussels;
Visiting Honorary Research Scholar, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law)
 Jay Rosen (Associate Professor of Journalism, New York University)
 Marc Rotenberg (Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University Law Center)
 Peggy Valcke (Professor in Law, KU Leuven)
 Sarah Spiekermann (Professor for Information Systems, Vienna
University of Economics and Business)
 Barbara Fister (Professor, Library, Gustavus Adolphus College)
 Oscar Gandy (Emeritus Professor Communication studies, Annenberg
School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania)
 Leonhard Grill (Professor for Physical Chemistry, University of Graz)
 Wolfgang Hofkirchner (Associate Professor, Vienna University of
 Antonius Kies (Project Assistant, Institute for ICE and
Thermodynamics, TU Graz)
 Ludo Abicht (Professor Department of International Relations,
University of Antwerp)
 Daniel de Beer (Researcher, Research Group on Law Science Technology
& Society, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
 Jenneke Christiaens (Professor of Law and Criminology, Vrije
Universiteit Brussel)
 Laurence Claeys (Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences, Free
University Brussels)
 Eric Corijn (Professor Social and Cultural Geography, Vrije
Universiteit Brussel)
 Tom Daems (Lecturer in Criminology and Sociology of Law, Ghent
 Jonas Degrave (Ph.D Researcher, Department of Electronics and
Information Systems, Ghent University)
 Marie-Sophie Devresse (Professor of Law, Université catholique de
 Claudia Diaz (Assistant Professor Computer Security and Industrial
Cryptography, KU Leuven)
 Els Dumortier (Professor Department of Criminology, Vrije
Universiteit Brussel)
 Veerle Draulans (Associate Professor, KU Leuven)
 Gloria Gonzalez Fuster (Researcher, Research Group on Law Science
Technology & Society, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
 Paul de Hert (Professor, Criminal Law, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
 Diete Humblet (Ph.D Researcher, Department of Criminology, Vrije
Universiteit Brussel)
 Dan Kaminski (Professor of Criminology, Université catholique de
 Joachim Koops (Professor of International Affairs, Vesalius College,
Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
 Margo de Koster (Professor of Historical Criminology, Vrije
Universiteit Brussel)
 Laurens Lavrysen (Ph.D Researcher, Human Rights Centre, Ghent
 Hans Lammerant (Researcher, Research Group on Law Science Technology
& Society, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
 Koen Lefever (Lecturer at Vesalius College, Vrije Universiteit
 Philippe Mary (Professor of Criminology, Université Libre de
 Saïla Ouald Chaib (Ph.D researcher, Human Rights Centre, Ghent
 Paul Ponsaers (Emeritus Professor, Ghent University)
 Anna Leander (Professor (MSO), Department of Management, Politics and
Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School)
 Bart Preneel (Professor of Information Security, KU Leuven)
 Wolfgang Stein (Professor of Neurophysiology, Illinois State
 Markus Thiel (Assistant Professor; Acting Co-director, EU Center of
Excellence Department of Politics & International Relations School of
International & Public Affairs, Florida International University)
 Justus Verhagen (Associate Fellow, The John B. Pierce Laboratory;
Associate Professor, Department of Neurobiology, Yale School Of
 Bertrand Renard (Visiting Professor, Law and Criminology, Université
catholique de Louvain)
 Herwig Reynaert (Professor & Dean, Faculty of Political and Social
Sciences, Ghent University)
 Antoinette Rouvroy (FNRS Research Associate, Research Centre
Information, Law and Society, University of Namur)
 Bart de Schutter (Emeritus Professor of Law, Vrije Universiteit
 Olivier de Schutter (Professor, Université catholique de Louvain)
 Antoinette Verhage (Postdoc Researcher, Department of Criminal Law
and Criminology; Director Institute for Urban Security & Policing
Studies, Ghent University)
 Gert Vermeulen (Professor of International and European criminal law,
Ghent University)
 Dirk Voorhoof (Professor of Media Law, Ghent University)
 Isabelle Wattier (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law and
Criminology, Université catholique de Louvain)
 David Wright (Managing Partner, Trilateral Research, London;
Researcher, Free University Brussels)
 Jennifer Barrigar (Professor, Law & Legal Studies, Carleton
 Greg Elmer (Professor of Media, Ryerson University)
 Heather Morrison (Assistant Professor, School of Information Studies,
University of Ottawa)
 David Murakami Wood (Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Surveillance
Studies; Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Queen's
 Robert Park (Professor and Associate Dean of Arts, Computing,
University of Waterloo)
 Valerie Steeves (Associate Professor of Criminology, University of
 Roel Vertegaal (Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, Queen's
 Michael Fellhauer (Associate Professor, Department of Astronomy,
University of Concepcion)
 Peter Blume (Professor of Data Protection Law, University of
 Thomas Heimburg (Associate Professor, The Niels Bohr Institute,
University of Copenhagen)
 Carsten Bagge Laustsen (Associate Professor, Department of Political
Science and Government, Aarhus University)
 Wouter De Tavernier (PhD researcher, Department of Political Science,
Aalborg University)
 Kai Kimppa (Post-Doctoral Researcher of IT and Ethics Turku School of
Economics, University of Turku)
 Alberto Alemanno (Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law & Risk Regulation,
HEC Paris; Global Clinical Professor, New York University)
 Emma Bell (Senior Lecturer, University of Savoie)
 Didier Bigo (Director of the Centre d' etudes sur les Conflits, la
Liberté, la Sécurité; Professor Department of War Studies King's
College London; Research professor (MCU) Sciences Po Paris)
 Roberto Di Cosmo (Professor of Computer Science, University Paris
 Paul Egré (Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique, Visiting
Assistant Professor, New York University)
 Rafael Munagorri (Professor of Law, Université de Nantes)
 Gloria Origgi (Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique and
EHESS, Paris)
 Philippe Schlenker (Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique,
Global Distinguished Professor, New York University)
 Anastassia Tsoukala (Associate Professor Criminology, University of
Paris XI)
 Marion Albers (Professor of Public Law, Information and Communication
Law, Health law and Theory of Law, Hamburg University)
 Maria Beimborn (International Center for Ethics in Sciences and
Humanities, University of Tübingen)
 Christian Berndt (Professor of Marine Geophysics,
Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel)
 Roland Bless (Associate Professor, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
 Ralf Bieber (Researcher, Ruprecht-Karls-University)
 Franziska Boehm (Assistant Professor for IT-Law, University of
 Rainer Böhme (Professor of IT Security, University of Münster)
 Gerhard Dannemann (Professor, Centre for British Studies,
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
 Jens Dittrich (Professor of Computer Science: Data Management and Big
Data; Saarland University)
 Michael Friedewald (Head of ICT Research Unit, Fraunhofer Institute
for Systems and Innovation Research)
 Klaus David (Professor, Chair for Communication Technology,
University of Kassel)
 Markus Deimann (Assistant Professor, FernUniversität in Hagen)
 Jeroen Dickschat (Professor of Organic Chemistry, Technical
University of Braunschweig)
 Roy Baker (Lecturer, Macquarie Law School, Macquarie University)
 Angela Daly (Research Fellow, Swinburne University of Technology)
 Jessica Heesen (Research Associate, Interdepartmental Centre for
Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities, University of Tübingen)
 Petra Hiller (Professor of Organization and Governance, Nordhausen
University of Applied Sciences)
 Thomas Hoeren (Professor of Information, Media and Business Law,
University of Münster)
 Werner Janjic (Research & Teaching Assistant, Software-Engineering
Group, University of Mannheim)
 Christian Joerges (Professor of Law and Society, Hertie School of
Governance; Research Professor, University of Bremen, Centre of
European Law and Politics)
 Hans Joosten (Professor of Peatland Studies and Palaeoecology,
Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Universität Greifswald)
 Jochen Kerdels (Researcher, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer
Science, University of Hagen)
 Guenter Koehnken (Professor of Psychology, University of Kiel)
 Katrin Kämpf (Research Assistant, Media Studies, University of
 Johannes Kaspar (Professor of Criminal Law, University of Augsburg)
 Wolfgang Kilian (Professor Emeritus for Legal Informatics, Legal
Theory and Civil Law, Leibniz-University Hanover)
 Christian Klinke (Heisenberg scholar, University of Hamburg)
 Jan Krämer (Associate Professor; Head of Research Group
Telecommunications Markets, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
 Peter Lampe (Professor of Theology, University of Heidelberg)
 Thomas Lemke (Professor of Sociology, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)
 Kai von Lewinski (Associate Professor (Privatdozent), Humboldt-
Universität zu Berlin)
 Daniel Loick (Philosopher, Goethe University Frankfurt)
 Alexander May (Professor of Cryptology, Ruhr University Bochum)
 Franz Mayer (Professor, Chair of Public Law, European Law,
Comparative Law, Law and Politics, University of Bielefeld)
 Axel Metzger (Professor of Civil Law, Intellectual Property,
Information Technology Law and Private International Law, University of
 Thomas Mittmann (Professor, Institute for Physiology,
Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz)
 Rosamunde van Brakel (PhD researcher Surveillance Studies and
Criminology, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
 Eva Brems (Professor Human Rights Centre, Ghent University)
 Wolfgang Mueller (Professor, Department of Media Education and
Visualization, University of Education Weingarten)
 Christof Paar (Professor, Chair for Embedded Security, Ruhr
University Bochum)
 Günther Pernul (Professor for Information Systems, Universität
 Benjamin Rampp (Research Associate, Interdepartmental Centre for
Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities, University of Tübingen)
 Kai Rannenberg (Professor Mobile Business & Multilateral Security,
Goethe University Frankfurt)
 Aljoscha Rheinwalt (Ph.D Researcher, Potsdam Institute for Climate
Impact Research)
 Theo Röhle (Research Associate, Braunschweig University of Art)
 Alexander Rossnagel (Professor of Public Law, University of Kassel)
 Jens Schade (Researcher, Dresden University of Technology)
 Heidi Schäfer (Fellow at the International Centre of Ethics in The
Sciences and Humanities, University of Tübingen)
 Sebastian Schelter (Ph.D Researcher, Database Systems and Information
Management Group, Technische Universität Berlin)
 Karin Schermelleh-Engel (Professor of Psychology, Goethe University)
 Britta Schinzel (Professor of Informatics and Society, University of
 Henrike Schmidt (Private Lecturer, Freie Universität Berlin)
 Thomas Schmitz (Professor of Philosophy, University of Bonn)
 Heinz Schweppe (Professor em. of Databases and Information Systems,
Freie Universitaet Berlin)
 Matthias Selbach (Professor of Proteomics, Max Delbrueck Center for
Molecular Medicine Berlin)
 Werner Sobek (Professor and Chair for Lightweight Structures,
Stuttgart University, Germany)
 Christoph Sorge (Juniorprofessor at the Computer Science Department,
University of Paderborn)
 Indra Spiecker (Professor of Law, Goethe University Frankfurt)
 Tsjalling Swierstra (Professor of Philosophy, Maastricht University)
 Elly Spijkerman (Researcher, University of Potsdam)
 Rob van Son (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands Cancer
Institute/Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital)
 Piet Hein van Kempen (Professor of Criminal Law and Criminal
Procedure, Radboud University Nijmegen)
 Feer Verkade (Emeritus Professor Special aspects of Private Law,
University of Amsterdam)
 Michael Vliek (Lecturer, Department of Psychology, University of
 Titus Stahl (Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Goethe University
 Fritz Strack (Professor of Psychology, University of Würzburg)
 Thorsten Strufe (Professor for Peer-to-Peer Networks, TU Darmstadt)
 Gerd Stumme (Professor of Computer Science, Universität Kassel)
 Niels Taubert (Researcher, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Science and
 Gunther Teubner (Professor of Law and Legal Sociology, Goethe
Universität Frankfurt)
 Michael Waidner (Professor for Security in Information Technology,
Technische Universität Darmstadt; Director, Fraunhofer Institute for
Secure Information Technology)
 Jutta Weber (Professor for Media Studies, University of Paderborn)
 Kai Wulff (Assistant Professor, Institute for Automation and Systems
Engineering, Technische Universität Ilmenau)
 Heinrich Amadeus Wolff (Professor of Public Law, Europa-Universität
Viadrina Frankfurt Oder)
 Nils Zurawski (Professor of Criminology, Universität Hamburg)
 Gregor Wurst (Professor of Church History, with special regards to
the Ancient Church and Patristics, University of Augsburg)
 Jan Wehrheim (Institut für Soziale Arbeit und Sozialpolitik,
Universität Duisburg-Essen
 Maria Bottis (Assistant Professor, Ionian University)
 George Katrougalos (Professor of Public Law, Demokritos University)
 Minas Samatas (Professor of Political Sociology, University of Crete)
 Marcelo Thompson (Assistant Professor of Law, Hong Kong University)
 Majtényi László (Professor for Information and Media Law, University
of Miskolc)
 Katalin Parti (Senior Researcher, National Institute of Criminology,
 Ivan Szekely (Research Professor, Open Society Archives at Central
European University and Budapest University of Technology and
 Tom Felle (Lecturer in Journalism, University of Limerick)
 Paddy Hillyard (Professor Emeritus Queen's University, Belfast)
 TJ McIntyre (Lecturer in Law, University College Dublin)
 Michael Birnhack (Professor, Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University)
 Giusella Finocchiaro (Professor of Internet Law and Private Law,
University of Bologna)
 Chiaria Fonio (Senior Researcher in Sociology, Università Cattolica
del Sacro Cuore Milan)
 Maximilian Mayer (Senior Fellow, Center for Global Studies,
University of Bonn)
 Fabio Massacci (Professor of Computer Security, Universita' di
 Andy Moore (Associate Professor, Information School at the University
of Washington)
 Milton Mueller (Professor, Syracuse University School of Information
 Steffen Burkhardt (Professor of Media and Cultural Theory, Hamburg
University of Applied Sciences)
 Morton Canty (Research Scientist, Institute for Bio- and Geosciences,
Juelich Research Center)
 Wolfgang Coy (Professor of Informatics, Humboldt-Universität zu
 Michael Ott (Associate Professor of Sociology, Grand Valley State
 Frank Pasquale (Professor of Law, University of Maryland Carey School
of Law)
 Ugo Pagallo (Professor of Jurisprudence, University of Torino)
 Thomas Meier (Professor of Pre- and Protohistory,
Ruprecht-Karls-University, Heidelberg)
 Juan Carlos de Martin (Associate Professor; Co-director Nexa Center
for Internet & Society, Polytechnic University of Turin)
 Marco Ricolfi (Professor of Intellectual Property, Turin University)
 Alessandro Spina (Fellow in Economic Law, Faculty of Political
Sciences, University of Milan)
 Mathias Vermeulen (Research Fellow, European University Institute)
 Francesca Vianello (Lecturer in Sociology of deviance, European group
for the study of deviance and social control, University of Padua)
 Andrew Adams (Professor of Information Ethics, Meiji University
 Itsuko Yamaguchi (Professor of Information Law and Policy, University
of Tokyo)
 Peter Ryan (Professor of Applied Security, University of Luxembourg)
 Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm (Lecturer in Intellectual Property and
Information law, University of Amsterdam)
 Krzysztof Apt (Fellow at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica; Professor of
Computer Science, University of Amsterdam)
 Britta Böhler (Professor of Legal Practice, University of Amsterdam)
 Arie den Boon (University of Amsterdam, Department of Communication
 Kelly Breemen (Ph.D researcher, Institute for Information Law,
University of Amsterdam)
 Vicky Breemen (Ph.D researcher, University of Amsterdam, Institute
for Information Law)
 Josep Domingo-Ferrer (Professor of Computer Science, UNESCO Chair in
Data Privacy, Universitat Rovira i Virgili)
 Nico van Eijk (Professor of Media and Communications Law, University
of Amsterdam)
 Michael Faure (Professor of Comparative and International
Environmental Law, Maastricht University)
 Matthias Werner (Professor of Computer Science, TU Chemnitz)
 Ferdinand Feldbrugge (Emeritus Professor Eastern European Law, Leiden
 Stan Gielen (Professor of Biophysics; Dean Faculty of Science,
Radboud University Nijmegen)
 Marieke de Goede (Professor of Politics, University of Amsterdam)
 Stef van Gompel (Senior Researcher, Institute of Information Law,
University of Amsterdam)
 Katja Franko Aas (Professor of Criminology, University of Oslo)
 Svein Johan Knapskog (Emeritus Professor, Norwegian University of
Science and Technology)
 Lucie Guibault (Associate Professor, University of Amsterdam)
 Michael Falgoust (Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy,
University of Twente)
 Elspeth Guild (Jean Monnet Professor ad personam of European
Immigration Law, Radboud University Nijmegen)
 Natali Helberger (Professor of Information Law, University of
 Mireille Hildebrandt (Professor of Smart Environments, Data
Protection and the Rule of Law, Radboud University Nijmegen)
 Wouter Hins (Professor of Media Law, Leiden University; Associate
Professor Constitutional and Administrative Law, University of
 Jaap-Henk Hoepman (Associate Professor in Computer Security, Privacy
and Identity Management, Radboud University Nijmegen)
 Thomas Hoogeboom (Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of
Epidemiology, Maastricht University)
 Bernt Hugenholtz (Professor of Intellectual Property Law, University
of Amsterdam)
 Henrik Jensen (Professor of Mathematical Physics; Leader of the
Complexity & Networks Group, Imperial College London)
 Roman Brinzanik (Researcher, Department of Computational Molecular
Biology Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics)
 Bernhard Schiekel (Retired Researcher in Mathematical Physics,
University of Würzburg and University of Munich)
 Lochlan Morrissey (Ph.D researcher, School of Language and
Linguistics, Griffith University, Australia)
 Markus Arnold (Professor of Philosophy, Institute of Science
Communication & Higher Education Research, Alpen-Adria-University
Klagenfurt, Austria)
 Thomas Egli (Professor Emeritus, ETH Zürich; Eawag, Swiss Federal
Water Research Institute)
 Ruben Flores (Assistant Professor of Sociology, National Research
University - Higher School of Economics, Russian Federation)
 Erik Huizer (Professor of Internet Applications, Utrecht University)
 Jan Kabel (Emeritus Professor Information Law, University of
 Gerard Kempen (Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Psychology, Leiden
 Corné van den Kieboom (Ph.D. Researcher in Cellular and Molecular
Biotechnology, Radboud University Medical Centre)
 Merel Koning (Ph.D Researcher, Privacy & Identity Lab, Radboud
University Nijmegen)
 Salomon Kroonenberg (Emeritus Professor of Geology, Delft University
of Technology)
 Richard Lamb (Lecturer, University of Delft; Member of the Advisory
Board, Inter College Business School Amsterdam)
 Ronald Leenes (Professor of Regulation by Technology, Tilburg
 Hans Lindahl (Professor of Legal Philosophy, Tilburg University)
 Arno Lodder (Professor on Law and Internet, Vrije Universiteit
 Marco Loos (Professor of Private Law, University of Amsterdam)
 Michael Nagenborg (Assistant Professor for Philosophy of Technology,
University of Twente)
 Ton Nijhuis (Professor of German Studies, University of Amsterdam)
 Andrew Roberts (Senior Lecturer, Melbourne Law School, Melbourne
 Ingo Petzke (Emeritus Professor, University of Applied Sciences,
Wuerzburg; Adjunct Professor, James Cook University Australia)
 Mareike Foecking (Professor of Photography, Fachhochschule Dortmund
University of Applied Sciences and Arts)
 Christoph Gossing (Research Assistant, Universität Trier)
 Samuel Greef (Postdoc Researcher, University of Kassel)
 Axel Groenemeyer (Professor Theorie und Empirie der Sozialpädagogik,
Dortmund University)
 Christian Grothoff (Emmy-Noether Research Group Leader, TU Munich)
 Krista Grothoff (Researcher, Technical University of Munich)
 Guido van 't Noordende (University of Amsterdam, Informatics
 Manon Oostveen (Ph.D researcher, Institute for Information Law,
University of Amsterdam)
 Jacco van Ossenbruggen (Researcher Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica,
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
 Mathieu Paapst (Assistant professor Law and IT, University of
 Ruud Peters (Emeritus Professor Islamic Law, University of Amsterdam)
 Matthijs Pontier (Postdoctoral Researcher, VU University Amsterdam)
 Robin Geiss (Professor, Chair of International Law and Security,
University of Glasgow)
 Adam Fish (Lecturer, Lancaster University)
 Nicola Green (Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Surrey)
 David Harper (Reader in Clinical Psychology, University of East
 Johan Pouwelsen (Assistant professor, Delft University of Technology)
 Jason Pridmore (Associate Professor, Department of Media and
Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam)
 Niels Birbaumer (Professor, Institute of Medical Psychology,
University of Tuebingen)
 Guido Fioretti (Assistant Professor of Organization Science,
University of Bologna)
 Zamira Xhaferri (PhD Researcher, Department of International and
European Law, Maastricht University)
 Michael Hagner(Professor of Science Studies, ETH Zurich)
 Daniel Hebenstreit (Assistant Professor for Molecular Systems
Biology,University of Warwick)
 Kirstin Goth (Ph.D Researcher, Department of Child and Adolescent
Psychiatry, University Basel)
 Dino Pedreschi (Professor of Computer Science, University of Pisa,
 Corien Prins (Professor Law and Informatisation and Dean Tilburg Law
School, Tilburg University)
 Beate Roessler (Professor of Ethics and its History, University of
 Rob van der Sandt (Emeritus professor Philosophy of Language and
Logic, Radboud University Nijmegen)
 Bart Schermer (Assistant professor of Law, Leiden University)
 Vittorio Rosato (Head, Computing and Technological Infrastructures
Lab., ENEA Casaccia Research Centre, Italy)
 Fotis Jannidis (Professor, Institut für Deutsche Philologie,
Universität Würzburg)
 Aaron Clauset (Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of
Colorado Boulder, and External Faculty, Santa Fe Institute)
 Thomas Fuhrmann (Professor for Electrical Engineering and Information
Technology, OTH Regensburg)
 Andrew Clement (Professor, Faculty of Information, University of
 Moritz Wildgruber (Researcher, Department of Diagnostic and
Interventional Radiology; International Graduate School for Science
and Engineering, Technische Universität München)
 Lisa Austin (Professor of Law, University of Toronto)
 Melanie Ehrlich (Professor, Human Genetics, Tulane University)
 Sebastian Göndör (Computer Scientist and Researcher, TU Berlin)
 Siegfried Loeschke (Assistant Professor, Institute for Regional
Health Research, University of Southern Denmark)
 Jan Smits (Professor of European Private Law, Maastricht University)
 Bald de Vries (Associate Professor, Institute for Jurisprudence,
Constitutional and Administrative Law, Utrecht University)
 Tijmen Wisman (Ph.D Researcher, Transnational Legal Studies, VU
University Amsterdam)
 Sally Wyatt (Professor Digital Cultures in Development, Maastricht
 Marjoleine Zieck (Professor of International Refugee Law, University
of Amsterdam)
 Gerrit-Jan Zwenne (Professor of Law, Leiden University)
 Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius (Ph.D researcher, Institute for
Information Law, University of Amsterdam)
 Miriam Lips (Professor of e-Government, Victoria University of
 Scott Poynting (Professor in Criminology, University of Auckland)
 Hans-Peter Müller (Professor of Periodontology, Faculty of Health
Sciences, The Arctic University of Norway)
 Ann Rudinow Sætnan (Professor of Sociology, Norwegian University of
Science and Technology)
 Andrzej Adamski (Professor of Criminal Law and Computer Law, Nicolaus
Copernicus University)
 Beer Franken (Chief Information Security and Privacy Protection
Officer, Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam)
 Catarina Frois (Professor of Anthropology, Lisbon University)
 Matjaz Jager (Director, Senior Researcher, Institute of Criminology
at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana)
 Katja Šugman Stubbs (Professor of Criminal law and Criminology,
University of Ljubljana)
 Aleš Završnik (Assistant Professor, Institute of Criminology at the
Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana)
 Miquel Peguera (Associate Professor of Commercial Law and Internet
Law, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)
 Tarlach McGonagle (Senior Researcher, Institute for Information Law,
University of Amsterdam)
 Johan Messchendorp (Associate Professor Subatomic Physics, University
of Groningen)
 Antoni Roig (Professor Constitutional Law, Universitat Autonoma de
 Héctor Silveira (Professor in Philosophy of Law, University of
 Sonja Buchegger (Associate Professor Computer Science, KTH Royal
Institute of Technology)
 Ingo Fetzer (Researcher, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm
 Mathias Klang (Lecturer, Universities of Göteborg & Borås)
 Susanne Wigorts Yngvesson (Associate Professor in Ethics, Stockholm
School of Theology)
 Oliver Bendel (Professor of Information Systems and Ethics,
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW)
 Herbert Burkert (Professor Emeritus, President, Research Center for
Information Law, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland)
 Bertil Cottier (Professor of Communication Sciences, University of
 Joram Feldon (Emeritus Professor, ETH Zurich)
 Peter Glassen (Lecturer of Media Science, Bern University of the
 Francisco Klauser (Assistant Professor, Institut de Géographie,
University Neuchâtel)
 Daniel Kressner (Professor of Mathematics, EPF Lausanne)
 Marc Langheinrich (Associate Professor for Computer Science,
University of Lugano)
 Hüseyin Levent Köker (Professor of Public Law, Atilim University
 Andrew Adam (Senior Tutor, St Stephen's House, University of Oxford)
 Ross Anderson (Professor in Security Engineering, University of
 Kristie Ball (Reader in Surveillance and Organization, Open
University Business School)
 Paul Bernal (Lecturer, UEA Law School, University of East Anglia)
 David Berry (Reader in School of Media, Film and Music, University of
 Saúl Ares (Systems Biology Programme, Centro Nacional de
 Alejandro Forero Cuéllar (Researcher, Observatory of the Penal System
and Human Rights, University of Barcelona
 Eerke Boiten (Senior Lecturer and Director of Centre for Cyber
Security Research, University of Kent)
 Christin Bolewski (Senior Lecturer, School of the Arts, English and
Drama, Loughborough University)
 Victoria Canning (Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Liverpool John
Moores University)
 Tom Crick (Senior Lecturer in Computing Science, Cardiff Metropolitan
 Simon Davies (London School of Economics, Information Systems and
Innovation Group)
 Lilian Edwards (Professor of E-Governance, Strathclyde University)
 Karen Evans (Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Social Policy and
Criminology, University of Liverpool)
 Thomas Gross (Director Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security;
Lecturer Security, Privacy and Trust, Newcastle University)
 Ben Hayes (Fellow, Transnational Institute)
 Jim Hollinshead (Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Liverpool John
Moores University)
 Sylvia Kierkegaard (Professor, Cyber Security Research - EPSRC/GCHQ
and ILaws, University of Southampton)
 Bev Littlewood (Professor of Software Engineering, City University
 Fiona de Londras (Professor of Law, Durham University; Co-Director,
Durham Human Rights Centre)
 Andres Guadamuz (Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law,
University of Sussex)
 Anil Madhavapeddy (Senior Research Fellow, Computer Laboratory,
University of Cambridge)
 Chris Marsden (Professor of Media Law, University of Sussex)
 Karen Mc Cullagh (Lecturer in Law, University of East Anglia)
 Andrew McStay (Lecturer in Media Culture, Bangor University)
 Christopher Millard (Professor of Privacy and Information Law;
Director of the Cloud Legal Project, Queen Mary University of London
 Philip Moriarty (Professor of Physics, University of Nottingham)
 Geraint Bevan (Lecturer in Applied Instrumentation and Control,
Glasgow Caledonian University)
 Axel Arnbak (Ph.D researcher, Institute for Information Law,
University of Amsterdam; Research Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet &
 Bodó Balázs (University of Amsterdam, Institute for Information Law)
 Suki de Boer (Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Art History, Vrije
Universiteit Amsterdam)
 Luc Boerboom (Assistant Professor Spatial Planning and Decision
Support Systems and Infrastructures, University of Twente)
 Saleem Bhatti (Professor, School of Computer Science, University of
St Andrews)
 Mike Nellis (Emeritus Professor Criminal and Community Justice,
University of Strathclyde)
 Clive Norris (Professor of Sociology, The University of Sheffield)
 Charles Raab (Professor of Government, School of Social and Political
Science, University of Edinburgh)
 Gemma Galdon Clavell (Researcher, Sociology Department, Universitat
de Barcelona)
 Massimo Ragnedda (Lecturer in Mass Communication, Department of Media
and Communication Design, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne)
 Ana Ramalho (Associate Professor, University of South Wales)
 Krzysztof Kulakowski (Professor of Physics, AGH University of Science
and Technology, Cracow)
 Debora Weber-Wulff (Professor for Media and Computing, HTW Berlin)
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Uppsala University, Sweden)
 Henderik Proper (Professor, Enterprise Engineering Team, Public
Research Centre - Henri Tudor, Luxembourg)
 Dirk Brockmann (Professor, Institute of Biology, Humboldt-University
Berlin; Robert-Koch-Institute Berlin)
 Judith Rauhofer (Lecturer in IT Law, University of Edinburgh)
 Brian Randell (Emeritus Professor of Computing Science, Newcastle
 Mark Ryan (Professor of Computer Security, University of Birmingham)
 Burkhard Schafer (Professor of Computational Legal Theory and
Director SCRIPT Centre for IT and IP, University of Edinburgh)
 Joe Sim (Professor of Criminology, Liverpool John Moores University)
 Ann Singleton (Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol)
 Peter Sommer (Visiting Professor, de Montfort University; Visiting
Reader, Open University)
 Michael Taylor (Research Associate, Department of Earth Sciences,
University of Bristol)
 Robin Celikates (Associate Professor on Political and Social
Philosophy, University of Amsterdam)
 Mireille van Eechoud (Professor of Information Law, University of
 Waqas Tufail (Lecturer in Criminology, Manchester Metropolitan
 Luca Viganó (Professor of Computer Science, King's College London)
 Ian Walden (Professor of Information and Communications Law, Queen
Mary University of London)
 Lynne Wrennall (Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Liverpool John Moores
 Joss Wright (University of Oxford, Oxford Internet Institute)
 Bendert Zevenbergen (DPhil Researcher, Oxford Internet Institute,
University of Oxford)
 Alessandro Acquisti (Associate Professor of Information Technology
and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University; co-director of CMU
Center for Behavioral Decision Research)
 Robert Boltje (Professor of Mathematics, University of California,
Santa Cruz)
 Stephen Checkoway (Assistant Research Professor, Department of
Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University)
 Stuart Chen-Hayes (Associate Professor, Counselor Education/School
Counseling, Lehman College of the City University of New York)
 Samir Chopra (Department of Philosophy, Brooklyn College and Graduate
Center of the City University of New York)
 Seda Gürses (Research Fellow, New York University and KU Leuven)
 Jeff Jarvis (Professor of Journalism, City University of New York,
Graduate School of Journalism)
 Jennifer Lyon (Associate University Librarian, Health Science Center
Libraries, University of Florida)
 Gary Marx (Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Massachusetts Institute
of Technology)
 Benno Teschke (Reader, Department of International Relations,
University of Sussex)
 Guido Hülsmann (Professor of Economics, University of Angers)
 Sebastian Brüggemann (Lecturer in IT-Law, University of Tübingen)
 Andrea Tinnes (Professor of Type and Typography and Co-director, Burg
Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle)
 Marc Steinbach (Professor, Inst. für Angewandte Mathematik, Leibniz
Universität Hannover)
 Ernst Fehr (Professor, Department of Economics, UBS International
Center of Economics in Society University of Zurich)
 Dirk Fröhling (Vice Dean Mechanical Engineering and Facilities
Management Mathematics and Computer Science, Gelsenkirchen Bocholt
Recklinghausen University of Applied Sciences)
 Gunter Schütz (Professor, Institute of Complex Systems II, Juelich
Research Center) Germany
 Peter Grassberger (Researcher, Juelich Research Center)
 Steve Tombs (Professor of Criminology, The Open University)
 Evelien Brouwer (Associate Professor, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
 Aleecia McDonald (Director of Privacy, Center for Internet & Society,
Stanford University)
 Jasmine McNealy (Assistant professor, School of Library and
Information Science, University of Kentucky)
 Heather Patterson (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Information Law
Institute, New York University)
 Neil Richards (Professor of Law, Washington University in Saint
 James Rule (Distinguished Affiliated Scholar, Center for the Study of
Law and Society, University of California)
 Klaus Usadel (Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics, University
 Franz Mertens (Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics, University
of Bayreuth)
 Bob Hoogenboom (Professor Policing and Security, Nyenrode Business
University; Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
 Mark Thornton (Senior Fellow, Ludwig von Mises Institute)
 Kristina Musholt (Juniorprofessor, Philosophy Department, University
of Magdeburg)
 Wiebren de Jonge (Associate Professor of Computer Science, VU
University Amsterdam)
 Rohangis Mohseni (Researcher, Center for Information Management and
Virtual Teaching; Psychological Institute, Osnabrück)
 Walter Privitera (Associate Professor of Sociology, University of
 Marnix Eysink Smeets (Lector Veiligheidsbeleving, Hogeschool
Inholland Rotterdam)
 Juergen Seefelder (Faculty Speaker Dep. Jazz&Popular Music,
University of Music a. Performing Arts Mannheim)
 Edith Rost-Schaude (Retired, Hochschule Darmstadt, University of
Applied Sciences)
 Gerhard Rogler (Professor of Medicine, University Hospital of Zürich)
 Klaus Schäfer (Professor of urban design, Hochschule Bremen)
 Peter Mantello (Professor of Media, Politics and the Cyber Realm,
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacifc University)
 Philipp Klaus (Lecturer Sociology in Architecture, ETH Zurich)
 Martin Saar (Visiting Professor, Goethe University Frankfurt)
 Myriam Dunn Cavelty (Lecturer for Security Policy, ETH Zurich)
 Wojciech Piotrowicz (Research Fellow, University of Oxford)
 Werner Breitung (Professor, Department of Urban Planning & Design,
Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Suzhou, China)
 Philipp Otto (Research Fellow, Microeconomics Department, European
University Viadrina)
 Francisco Pérez Bes (Professor of Advertising Law, University of
 Dominic Dyck (Research Associate, Institute for Ergonomics,
Technische Universität Darmstadt)
 Valeska David (PhD Researcher, Human Rights Centre, Ghent University)
 Diederik Wagenaar (Legal Spanish language teacher, University Lille
 Gerhard Kongehl (Professor Emeritus of Privacy Protection and
Information Security, Ulm, University of Applied Sciences)
 Andrea Riemenschnitter (Chair, Modern Chinese Studies, University of
 Veronica Bala (Ph.D Researcher English Literature, University of
Antwerp, Belgium)
 John Domingue (Professor of Computer Science, The Open University)
 Selva Kaynak Koç (Research Assistant, Faculty of Law, Yeni Yüzyıl
University, Istanbul)
 Simon Parker (Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of York, UK)
 Willem Kox (Information manager (Faculty of Social and Behavioural
Sciences, University of Amsterdam)
 Yannick Chatelain (Associate Professor, Digital Marketing; Head of
Development, Grenoble école de Management)
 Godelieve van Heteren (Director Rotterdam Global Health Initiative,
Erasmus University)
 Spyros Voulgaris (Assistant Professor in Computer Science, VU
University Amsterdam)
 Stefan Münker (Associate Professor, Humboldt University Berlin)
 John R. Venable (Associate Professor, Curtin University) Austalia
 Dominik Herrmann (Research & Teaching Assistant at Department of
Computer Science, University of Hamburg)
 Muir Houston (Lecturer, University of Glasgow)
 Tobias Vahlpahl (Program Director, Heidelberg University)
 Edouard Kestemont (Emeritus Professor Computer science, Universite
Libre de Bruxelles)
 Julio Hernandez-Castro (Lecturer in Computer Security, School of
Computing, University of Kent)
 Eike Bernhard (PhD Candidate, Queensland University of Technology,
Brisbane, Australia)
 Johannes Müller (Doctoral Student, Central European University,
Budapest, Hungary)
 Elisabeth Heinemann (Professor for Mobile Computing, University of
Applied Sciences Worms, Germany)
 Anastasios Sivridis (Alumnus Researcher, Faculty of Law, University
of Regensburg)
 Martin Stift (Professor, Vienna University)
 Thomas Schwentick (Professor of Computer Science, Technische
Universität Dortmund)
 Norbert Fuchs (Senior Research Fellow, Department of Informatics &
Institute of Computational Linguistics, University of Zurich)
 Diego Latella (Computer Science Senior Researcher, Italian National
Research Council)
 Carsten Vogt (Professor of Informatics, Cologne University of Applied
Sciences, Germany)
 Dirk van der Marel (professor, University of Geneva)
 Nikolaas Oosterhof (Postdoctoral Researcher, Trento University;
Dartmouth College; Harvard University)
 Karl-Dieter Opp (Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of
Leipzig; Affiliate Professor of Sociology, University of Washington)
 Jürg Diemand (Assistant Professor, Computational Science, University
Zürich, Switzerland)
 Tamás Czárán (Research Professor, Research Group of Theoretical
Biology and Evolutionary Ecology, Hungarian Academy of Science and
Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary)
 Muhittin Mungan (Professor of Physics, Bogazici University, Istanbul,
 Henri Huijberts (Director of Taught Programmes; Reader in Control and
Dynamics, School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary
University of London)
 David Phillips (Associate Professor, Faculty of Information,
University of Toronto)
 Alexander Borbély (Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology, University of
 Christos Papadimitriou (C Lester Hogan Professor of Electrical
Engineering and Computer Science, University of California at Berkeley)
 Dieter Armbruster (Professor, Mathematics, Arizona State University)
 Dimple Patel (Assistant Professor, Central University of Himachal
Pradesh, India)
 Dietmar Vogel (Group Manager, Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic
Nano Systems ENAS)
 Uwe Vagelpohl (Senior Research Fellow, Department of Classics &
Ancient History, University of Warwick)
 Louk de la Rive Box (Honorary Professor of International Cooperation,
Maastricht University)
 Pieter Verdegem (Assistant Professor in New Media & ICT, Department
of Communication Sciences, Ghent University)
 Gary Holden (Professor of Social Work, New York University)
 Douglas Maraun (Assistant Professor, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for
Ocean Research Kiel)
 Carsten Kessler (Assistant Professor for Geographic Information
Science , Hunter College, City University of New York)
 Machteld Vonk (Lecturer/Research Fellow of Law, Leiden University)
 Daniel Howe (Assistant Professor, School of Creative Media, City
University of Hong Kong)
 Khalil El-Khatib (Associate Professor, University of Ontario
Institute of Technology)
 Orla Lynskey (Lecturer in Law, London School of Economics)
 Dunja Seselja (Postdoctoral Researcher, Ghent University)
 Carlos Serrão (Assistant Professor, ISCTE-IUL School of Technology
and Architecture, ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute)
 Carel van Rooyen (Web and Multimedia Computing, Faculty of
Information & Communications Technology, Tshwane University of
Technology, South Africa)
 Bob Askwith (Subject Leader in Cyber Security, Liverpool John Moores
 Shaughan Lavine (Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy,
University of Arizona)
 Walter Selke (Emeritus Professor of Physics, RWTH Aachen)
 Hans-Johann Glock (Professor, Chair for Theoretical Philosophy,
University of Zürich)
 Matthias Berger (Professor of Informatics in Telecommunications, Jade
University of Applied Sciences Wilhelmshaven)
 Hubertus Jahn (Senior Lecturer in Russian History, University of
 Tristan Henderson (Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, University of
St Andrews)
 Feng Hao (Lecturer in Security, Newcastle University)
 Ville Oksanen (Researcher, Technology Law Group, Aalto University,
 George Danezis (Reader in Security and Privacy Engineering,
University College London)
 David Vaile (Co-convenor, Cyberspace Law and Policy Community,
Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales)
 Jonneke Bekkenkamp (Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam)
 Angela Sasse (Professor of Human-Centred Technology; Head of the
Information Security Group; Director for Industrial Liaison, University
College London)
 Mark Handley (Professor of Networked Systems, University College
 Fritz Schweingruber (Emeritus Professor, Swiss Federal Research
Institute WSL)
 Hamed Haddadi (Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Digital Media, Queen
Mary University of London)
 Masrour Zoghi (Ph.D. Candidate, Informatics Institute, University of
 Nils-Hennes Stear (Ph.D Candidate, Department of Philosophy,
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
 Kavé Salamatian (Professor of Computer Science, Savoy University)
 Neil Mennie (Assistant Professor in Visual Neuroscience, University
of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, Malaysia)
 Marcus Wigan (Emeritus Professor Transport and Information Systems,
Edinburgh Napier University)
 Hans-Paul Schwefel (Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, Technical
University of Dortmund)
 Kira Kosnick (Hannah Arendt Visiting Professor in German and European
Studies, University of Toronto)
 Roman Dilcher (Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Heidelberg)
 Alois Ferscha (Professor of Computer Scinece, Johannes Kepler
University of Linz)
 Beatrice de Graaf (Professor of Conflict and Security History, Centre
for Terrorism and Counterterrorism Leiden University)
 Martijn Warnier (Associate Professor, Delft University of Technology)
 Simon Schlauri (Lecturer (Privatdozent)for Private and Commercial
Law, University of Zurich)
 William Gunn (Head of Academic Outreach, Mendeley)
 Nikolai Mnev (Senior Researcher, Steklov Mathematical Institute at
St. Petersburg)
 Martin Arnold (Research Assistant; Start-up Service, University of
Applied Sciences Erfurt)
 Urs Zimmermann (Ph.D researcher Theoretical Physics,
Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf)
 Ulrich Greveler (Professor of Computer Science, Rhein-Waal
University of Applied Sciences, Kamp-Lintfort, Germany)
 Berthold Dietz (Professor of Sociology, Protestant University of
Applied Sciences Freiburg)
 Wouter Meuleman (Postdoctoral Associate, Computer Science and
Artificial Intelligence Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
 Andrew Urbaczewski (Chair, Department of Business Information and
Analytics, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver)
 Jeroen van der Ham (Researcher, Informatics Institute, University of
 Oswald Prucker (Senior Scientist, Department of Microsystems
Engineering, University of Freiburg)
 Jens Kehne(Researcher System Architecture Group, Karlsruhe Institute
of Technology)
 Arne Bernin (PhD researcher in Computer Science, Hamburg University
of Applied Sciences)
 Anja Schäfer (Postdoctoral Fellow, Biomedical Engineering, Eindhoven
University of Technology)
 Ricardo Morte Ferrer (Tutor of Law, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)
 Phillip Rogaway (Professor of Computer Science, University of
California, Davis)
 Frank Römer (Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Complex Systems
and Institute for Advanced Simulation, Juelich Research Institute)
 Christian Jessen (Researcher, Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine
 Maria Nikolakaki (Associate Professor, University of Peloponnese)
 Arie van Deursen (Professor in Software Engineering, Delft University
of Technology)
 Maria Pentaraki (Senior Lecturer of Social Work, Liverpool Hope
 Flora Goudappel (Jean Monnet chair EU Trade Law in the Overseas
Territorries, Erasmus School of Law, Rotterdam)
 Ronald Deibert (Professor of Political Science, and Director of the
Citizen Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto)
 Jeroen van de Graaf (Researcher in Cryptography, Universidade Federal
de Minas Gerais) Brazil
 Stephen Sachs (Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Indiana
University - Purdue University Indianapolis)
 Gabriella Coleman (Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological
Literacy Department of Art History & Communication Studies, McGill
 Samer Hassan (Assistant Professor in Computer Science, Universidad
Complutense de Madrid)
 Peter Mantel (Professor of Business Administration, Hochschule für
Wirtschaft, Technik und Kultur, Berlin)
 Thomas Meyer (Research Assistant, Idiap Research Institute, Martigny
and EPFL, Lausanne)
 Sky Croeser (Adjunct Research Fellow, Curtin University)
 Mél Hogan (Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Curation, University of
 James Goetsch (Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Eckerd College St.
 Robert Volkhausen (Lecturer at the Center for Metropolitan Studies,
Technische Universität Berlin)
 David Johnstone (Senior Lecturer in Information Systems, Victoria
University of Wellington, New Zealand)
 Michael Gurstein (Adjunct Professor, School of Library, Information
and Archival Studies, University of British Columbia)
 Jonathan Askin (Founder/Director, Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy
Clinic, Brooklyn Law School)
 Joel Federman (Director, Transformative Social Change Specialization,
Saybrook University)
 Lene Rimestad (Lecturer and Journalist Teacher, University of
Southern Denmark)
 Todd Davies (Lecturer, Symbolic Systems Program, Stanford University)
 Jeffrey Heinz (Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics and
Cognitive Science, University of Delaware)
 Gordon Fellman (Professor of Sociology and Chair, Peace, Conflict,
and Coexistence Studies, Brandeis University)
 Mary Baine Campbell (Professor of English, Brandeis University)
 Sable Cantus (Part-time Professor, Digital Media, Golden West
 Zihni Özdil (Junior Lecturer & PhD Researcher, School of History,
Culture and Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam)
 Adekunle Theophilius Tinuoye (Lecturer, Human rights and Labour
Management Relations, Micheal Imoudu National Institute For Labour
Studies, Nigeria)
 Panagiotis Kitsos (IT Law Team, University of Macedonia)
 Mathias Peters (Ph.D Researchar, Database and Information Systems
Group, Humboldt University Berlin)
 Ioannis Iglezakis (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Aristotle
 Erik Boettger (Professor of Medicine and Microbiology; Director and
Chairman, Institute of Medical Microbiology, University of Zurich)
 Lina Dencik (Lecturer, School of Journalism, Media and Cultural
Studies, Cardiff University)
 Philipp Birken (Associate Professor for Numerical Analysis and
Scientific Computing, Lund University)
 Martin Ziegle (Computer Scientist; Professor of Applied Logic, TU
 Friedrich Kirschner (Professor for Digital Media, University of
Performing Arts "Ernst Busch" Berlin)
 Fredrik Graver (Head of Studies / Associate Professor, The Norwegian
Film School)
 Denisa Kera (Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore)
 Martin Billeter (Emeritus Professor Molecular Biology, University of
 Jérôme Lang (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Université
 Rainer Mausfeld (Professor of Cognitive Science, University of Kiel)
 Gunter Voss (Professor/Director, Sociological Department , Chemnitz
University of Technology)
 Jeroen de Kloet (Professor of Globalisation Studies, University of
 Andreas Wagner (Researcher, Academy of Sciences and Literature,
 Patrick De Causmaecker (Professor of Computer Science, KU Leuven)
 Martin Risak (Associate Professor, Department of Labour Law and Law
of Social Security, University of Vienna)
 Daniel Bernoulli (Professor Emeritus of Geology, Swiss Federal
Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich)
 René Hoffmann (Group Manager, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid
State Physics)
 Yolanda Grift (Department of Law, Economics, and Governance, Utrecht
 Thomas Flüeler (Senior Research Associate, ETH Zurich; Institute for
Environmental Decisions, Nuclear Technology Unit Head, Cantonal
Directorate of Public Works)
 Peter Cornelius Claussen(Professor, Kunsthistorisches Institut,
University Zürich)
 Diederik Stoffers (Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Sleep and
Cognition, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience)
 Pavlos Pantazis (Associate Professor in Clinical Social Psychology,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
 Christos Frouzakis (Senior Researcher, Department of Mechanical and
Process Engineering, ETH Zurich)
 Michael Lobeck (Researcher, Department of Geography, University of
 Anne Gjelsvik (Professor, Department of Art and Media Studies,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
 Robert Vermeiren (Professor child and adolescent psychiatry, Leiden
University Medical Center)
 Peter-Paul Pichler (Postdoctoral Researcher, Potsdam Institute for
Climate Impact Research)
 Yolanda van Tilborgh (Ph.D Researcher Sociology of Culture, Art &
Religion, University of Amsterdam)
 Jennifer Kanary (PhD candidate, Plymouth University)
 Björn Nykvist (Research Fellow, Stockholm Environment Institute)
 Paul Prinsloo (Professor in Open Distance Learning Research,
University of South Africa)
 Andrew Murray (Professor of Law, London School of Economics and
Political Science)
 Uli Fahrenberg (Computer scientist at INRIA, France)
 William J. Drake (International Fellow & Lecturer, University of
 H.P. Luterbacher (Professor Emeritus, Geology Department, University
of Tuebingen)
 Stefano Balietti (Ph.D candidate in Sociology, ETH Zurich)
 Erik Plauschinn (Research Fellow, University of Padova)
 Mutlu Binark (Professor of New Media Studies, Baskent University
Ankara, Turkey)
 Gerard Mom (Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam)
 Hannes Thiel (Research Assistant, University of Muenster)
 Nicole Maalsté (Senior Researcher Tilburg School of Politics and
Public Administration, Tilburg Law School, Tilburg University)
 Melih Kirlidog (Associate Professor, Marmara üniversitesi BiliÅŸim
Merkezi, Turkey)
 John Kleinen (Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and
Sociology, University of Amsterdam)
 Wolf-Christian Dullo (Professor Ocean Circulation and Climate
Dynamic, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research)
 Vygintas Gontis (Principal investigator of Vilnius University,
President of the Lithuanian Scientific Society)
 Heinrich Voss (Professor of Mathematics, Hamburg University of
Technology, Hamburg)
 Nicholas John (Assistant Professor, Department of Communication,
Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
 Erik Duval (Professor of Computer Science, KU Leuven)
 Antoinette Weibel (Professor for Management, University of Konstanz)
 William Greene (Instructor in Political Science, South Texas College)
 Brigit van Loggem (PhD researcher, Open Universiteit, the
 Yvonne Donders (Professor International Human Rights and Cultural
Diversity; Executive Director of the Amsterdam Center for International
Law, University of Amsterdam)
 Robert Koch (Professor of law at the Faculty of Law, University of
 Christian A. Meyer (Professor, Natural History Museum Basel)
 Holger Braun (Visiting Profesor,Universidad Nacional de La Plata,
Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo, Argentina)
 Markos Papageorgiou (Professor; Director, Dynamic Systems &
Simulation Laboratory, Technical University of Crete)
 Nikolaus Gansterer (Lecturer, University of Applied Arts in Vienna)
 Roland Chrisjohn (Associate Professor, St. Thomas University, Canada)
 Diana Murtaugh Coleman (Doctoral Candidate, School of Historical,
Philosophical, and Religious Studies, Arizona State University)
 Johan Pålsson (Lecturer, Umeå University, Sweden)
 Raul Rojas (Professor, Freie Universität Berlin)
 Angela Mansi (Senior Lecturer Psychology, University of Westminster)
 Dwayne Winseck (Professor, School of Journalism and Communication,
Carleton University, Ottawa)
 Ian Goldberg (Associate Professor and University Research Chair,
Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo)
 Valerio Lucarini (Professor of Theoretical Meteorology, University of
 Ana Roque (Associate Professor, Lisbon Autónoma University)
 Joshua Cohen (Professor of Political Science, Philosophy, and Law,
Stanford University)
 Stuart White (Fellow in Politics, Jesus College, Oxford University)
 Andrzej Slaczka (Professor Emeritus, Institute of Geological Science,
Jagiellonian University Kraków ) Poland
 Christopher Moylan (Associate Professor of English, New York
Institute of Technology)
 Paul Deurenberg (Professor Emeritus, Nutrition Epidemiology and
Physiology, Wageningen University; National University of Singapore)
 Yngve Sundblad (Professor Emeritus in Human-Computer Interaction, KTH
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
 Ambjörn Naeve (Senior Researcher in Knowledge Management and
Technology Enhanced Learning, KTH Royal Institute of Technology,
 Bryan Ford (Assistant Professor, Yale University)
 Kathleen Barker (Professor, Department of Psychology, The City
University of New York/Medgar Evers College)
 Martin Doehlemann (Professor Emeritus in Sociology, Fachhochschule
 Steven Koenig (Researcher, Technical University of Munich)
 Henk Kelderman (Professor of Psychometrics, VU University Amsterdam)
 Michael Myers (Professor of Information Systems; Head of Department
of Information Systems and Operations Management, University of
Auckland Business School)
 Carlos Castillo (Senior Scientist, Qatar Computing Research
 Sylvia Stuurman (Assistant Professor Software Engineering, Open
University, the Netherlands)
 André Mulder (Associate Professor Housing Systems, Department Real
Estate & Housing, Technical University Delft)
 Johann Petrak (Research Fellow, The University of Sheffield)
 Denny Vågerö (Professor of Medical Sociology, Centre for Health
Equity Studies, Stockholm University)
 Thorsten Ries (Teaching Assistant, Department of German Literature,
Ghent University)
 Ferdinand von Mengden (Professor of English Historical Linguistics,
Freie Universität Berlin)
 Frederik Franke (Researcher, Fraunhofer Institute for Secure
Information Technology)
 Daniel Lehmann (Researcher, Technische Universität Chemnitz)
 Frank Grossmann (Free Lecturer Pharmaceutical Science, ETH Zurich;
Project leader at Institute of Anatomy, University of Zurich)
 Gary Anderson (Senior Lecturer, Drama and Theatre Studies, Liverpool
Hope University)
 Werner Weissenhofer (Associate Professor, Medical University of
 Roman Peperhove (Researcher, Freie Universität Berlin)
 Serkan Uysal (Ph.D Researcher, Department of Architecture, Yildiz
Technical University, Turkey)
 Rania Astrinaki (Lecturer, Department of Social Anthropology,
Panteion University, Athens)
 Roger S. Clark (Board of Governors Professor, Rutgers University
School of Law)
 Matthias Kreck (Professor of Mathematics, Bonn University, Germany)
 Patrick McGovern (Reader, Department of Sociology, London School of
Economics & Political Science)
 Johannes Fuernkranz (Professor of Knowledge Engineering, TU
 Gabriel Istrate (Associate Professor, Department of Computer
Science,West University of Timisoara, Romania)
 Benjamin Kelly (Lecturer in Indigenous Studies, UNSW Australia)
 Frans van der Reep (Professor, Inholland University of Applied
Sciences, The Netherlands)
 Gilbert Bernstein (Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Computer Science,
Stanford University)
 Arno Rolf (Professor of Informatics and Society, University of
 Peter Honeyman (Research Professor of Computer Science and
Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
 Dieter Flesch-Janys (Professor, Department of Cancer
Epidemiology/Clinical Cancer Registry, University Medical Center
 David Lindsay (Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Monash
 Alana Maurushat (Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, The University of
New South Wales)
 Jon Crowcroft (Marconi Professor of Communications Systems,
University of Cambridge)
 Alan Schmitt (Researcher at INRIA, France)
 Anton Eliens (professor creative technology / new media, University
of Twente; VU University Amsterdam)
 Neel Krishnaswami (Birmingham Fellow in Computer Science, University
of Birmingham)
 Bernhard Frevel (Professor of Social Science, University of Applied
Science for Public Administration NRW)
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Communications, Lancaster University)
 Damien McCallig (Ph.D. candidate School of Law, National University
of Ireland, Galway)
 Deborah Bowman (Lecturer in English, Gonville and Caius College,
University of Cambridge)
 Dennis Andriesse (Ph.D. researcher System and Network Security Group,
VU University Amsterdam)
 Dennis Grevenstein (Research Assistant, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität,
Heidelberg, Germany)
 Desiree Verberk (Managing Director Educational Development and
Training, University of Utrecht)
 Bettina Fritzsche (Researcher, German Institute for International
Educational Research)
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Institut and Univerisity of Zurich)
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 Gerhard Krexner (Associate Professor, Faculty of Physics, University
of Vienna)
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University of Dortmund)
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(CWI), Professor for Bioinformatics and Operations Research at VU
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Aerospace Centre)
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 Tomer Broude (Vice-Dean and Sylvan M. Cohen Chair in Law (Faculty of
Law and Department of International Relations, Hebrew University of
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Media University, Germany)
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(Taught), University of Essex)
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the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University)
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Computer Law, University of the Republic, Uruguay)
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 Guenter Mahler (Professor, University of Stuttgart)
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 Norbert Oellers (Professor of Modern German Literature History,
University of Bonn)
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Management, Furtwangen University of applied Sciences)
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 Sjoert van Velzen (PhD Researcher, Radboud University Nijmegen)
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 Patricia Stolz (Professor for User Interface Design, HFU Furtwangen)
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Economic Psychology, Freie Universität Berlin)
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and Security Law (ISL), University of Passau)
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 Joos Vandewalle (Emeritus Professor in engineering, KU Leuven)
 Tanja Lange (Professor Cryptology, Technical University Eindhoven)
 Martin Spiess (Professor for Psychological Methods, Hamburg
 Christophe Guéret (Researcher at Data Archiving and Networked
Services, KNAW)
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 Rainer W. Gerling (Professor for IT-Security, Munich University of
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University of Hamburg)
 Johannes Bauer (Ph.D Researcher, University of Hamburg)
 Martin Christof Kindsmüller (Acting Professor of Human-Computer
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 Marko van Eekelen (Professor, Open University of The Netherlands;
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 Ed Lazowska (Bill & Melinda Gates Chair in Computer Science &
Engineering, University of Washington)
 Emilio De Capitani (Visiting Professor in Political Science,
University L'Orientale Naples - Italy)
 Paul Ralph (Lecturer, Lancaster University)
 Hans Bronkhorst (retired Information Manager, University of
 Jan-Felix Schrape (Research Fellow, University of Stuttgart)
 Chris Jones (Professor of Research in Educational Technology,
Liverpool John Moores University)
 Isabel Wagner (Lecturer in Computer Science, University of Hull)
 Carsten Allefeld (Research Associate, Charité - Universitätsmedizin
 Michael T. Hannan (Stratacom Professor of Management; Professor of
Sociology, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University)
 Steffen Reiht (Professor, Theoretical Computer Science, RheinMain
University of Applied Sciences)
 Knut Hegna (Senior academic librarian, University of Oslo, Norway)
 Eke van Batenburg (Retired Associate Professor Bioinformatics, Leiden
 Nicolas Reynaud (PhD researcher, Technical University of Dresden,
 Nikolaos Gazeas (Research Associate, University of Cologne, Germany)
 Lorenz Boellinger (Professor Emeritus of Criminal Sciences Faculty of
Law, University of Bremen)
 Christoph Weniger (Senior Research Fellow, Theoretical Physics,
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 Martin Salaschek (Research Associate in Psychology, University of
 Claudia Müller-Birn (Assistant Professor, Freie Universität Berlin)
 Aron Fischer (Mathematics PhD student, City University of New York;
Mathematics Graduate Teaching Fellow, City University of New York -
Hunter College)
 Bernd Gärtner (Professor, ETH Zürich )
 Tobias Heindel (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Edinburgh)
 Pol Van Aubel (Ph.D. Researcher in Digital Security, Radboud
University Nijmegen)
 Marius Oberle (Research Associate, Institute for Ergonomics,
Technische Universität Darmstadt)
 Stephan Meister (Research Assistant, Ruprecht-Karls-University
 Burkhard Gniewosz (Professor for Adolescent Research,
Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
 Lilit Hakobyan (Researcher, Freie Universität Berlin)
 Yiannis Manetas (Professor of Plant Physiology, University of Patras,
 Gerard Prinsen (Lecturer Development Studies, Massey University, New
 Patricia Schor (Affiliate Researcher, Utrecht University)
 Frieder Vogelmann (Researcher in Political Theory, University of
 Krystyna Kolwas (Associate Professor, Institute of Physics, Polish
Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland)
 Dirk Oegema (Associate Professor, Communication Science, Vrije
Universiteit Amsterdam)
 Thamar Klein (Independent Researcher & Research Partner, Working
Group Medical Diversity, Max Planck Institute for the Study of
Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Goettingen, Germany)
 Andreas Schmeil (Postdoctoral Researcher, Communication Sciences,
University of Lugano)
 Robin van den Akker (Doctoral Researcher, Faculty of Philosophy,
Erasmus University)
 Han van Ruler (Professor of Intellectual History, Erasmus University
 Jörg P. Bachmann (PhD Candidate, Databases and Information Systems
Group, Humboldt-Universtität zu Berlin)
 Bruce Bartlett (Lecturer, Stellenbosch University, South Africa)
 Lee Altenberg (Research Scientist, Ronin Institute)
 Nathanael Hübbe (PhD student, University of Hamburg)
 Luis M. Rocha (Professor of Informatics, Cognitive Science, Computer
Science, Indiana University, USA)
 Nikolas Mavrikakis (Researcher, Technical University of Delft,
Materials Science and Engineering)
 Christine Roloff (Retreated Social Science Researcher, TU Dortmund,
 Otto Roloff (Professor Emeritus of Economics, University Wuppertal)
 Djordje Krivokapic (Associate Lecturer, Faculty of Organizational
Sciences, University of Belgrade)
 Pete Donnell (Senior Research Associate, University of Portsmouth)
 Vladan Joler (Professor; Head of New Media Department, Academy of
Arts Novi Sad, University of Novi Sad, Serbia)
 Keith Devlin (Executive Director, H-STAR Institute, Stanford
 Francesca Raimondi (Assistant Professor, Departement of Philosophy,
Goethe University Frankfurt)
 José Figueroa-O'Farrill (Professor of Geometric Physics, School of
Mathematics, University of Edinburgh)
 Christiaan Oostdijk (Ph.D Researcher, University of Bristol,
Department of Archaeology and Anthropology)
 ND Jebessa (PhD Candidate, University of Amsterdam)
 Andrew Baker (Reader in Mathematics, University of Glasgow)
 Ulrich Kraehmer (Lecturer, University of Glasgow, School of
Mathematics and Statistics)
 Susan Sierra (Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Edinburgh)
 James Wright (Professor of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh)
 Jean-Michel Beuken (Computer Scientist, Université catholique de
 Peter Bloem (PhD researcher, Informatics Institute, University of
 Spiros Koulouzis (PhD Candidate, University of Amsterdam)
 John Allen Paulos (Mathematics Professor, Temple University,
 Jean-Pierre Antoine (Professor of Mathematical Physics, Université
catholique de Louvain)
 Andreas Lianos (Ph.D Student, University of Portsmouth)
 Haluk O. Bingol (Professor of Computer Engineering, Bogazici
 Andreas Diekmann (Professor of Sociology, ETH Zurich)

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inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #154 of 196: Jon Lebkowsky (jonl) Fri 17 Jan 14 08:42
We're seeing a critical mass against surveillance similar to the SOPA
opposition, which was arguably successful. Now if we could get them all
to divide their attention and focus on net neutrality at the same
time. You know, a MOVEMENT supporting a free and open Internet with
privacy protections for all. We'd want to define "free and open," and
"privacy." Broad, vague terms, open to interpretation, like

After many years of grumbling that democracy is ill-defined and often
confused with majoritarianism, I've found in Wikipedia a definition of
democracy I can live with: "Democracy is a form of government in which
all eligible citizens participate equally—either directly or through
elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of
laws. It encompasses social, economic and cultural conditions that
enable the free and equal practice of political self-determination."

Probably better to say "CAN participate equally," because we often
don't rise to the occasion. 

The Koch Brothers have demonstrated (as have others over time) that
it's possible to game democracy - in this case, to drown the present
form of government in the bathtub, as Grover Norquist likes to say. You
might think this is a libertarian position - less government, less
government control. However those regulations they so dislike, while
constraining some, can also be seen as protecting the freedom and
well-being of many more. Another issue for them is that government
costs money, and we're always asking the rich to pay a greater
proportion of the bill for things like education, "entitlements,"
safety regulations (or constraints, they might say), etc. Maybe we
should debate that more directly. Should they pay the bill, if we allow
them to use our country and its economy as a platform for their
accumulation of wealth?
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #155 of 196: Gail Williams (gail) Fri 17 Jan 14 11:15
Jon, many of the people I expected to be outraged about the end of Net
Neutrality seem to be defeatist or disinterested.  I am pinching
myself. Could it be that deep surveillance by governments is scarier
and gives cover to the possible tyrannies of private companies?

I just paged through some of the awesome <inkwell.vue.61.0-> Viridian
manifesto conversation.  It reads a bit like an artifact of the pre
9/11 world, which it is.  My thoughts seem darker now.  I wonder how
deep spooky government entities will use the internet of things,
wearable and implanted. 

But these long old-form petitions provide a bit of hope. 
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #156 of 196: jelly fish challenged (reet) Fri 17 Jan 14 11:26
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #157 of 196: bill braasch (bbraasch) Fri 17 Jan 14 11:48
indeed, it is the mother of all scrolls.

the woman who was cited for speeding while wearing google glasses beat both
charges yesterday.  No proof the glasses were in use.  No expert testimony
that the cop's radar was properly calibrated.

apparently there's a law against operating monitoring devices from a private
car, not from a cop car, but the cop car's credibility is expensive to
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #158 of 196: Jon Lebkowsky (jonl) Fri 17 Jan 14 12:53

An analogy would be getting a ticket for having your cellphone in your
pocket while driving.
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #159 of 196: Gail Williams (gail) Fri 17 Jan 14 13:23
(I realize I posted the logged-in link for reading the initial Bruce
Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky event above.  From anywhere else, that's
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #160 of 196: Robin Elliott (robinellt) Fri 17 Jan 14 17:07
    <scribbled by robinellt>
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #161 of 196: Bruce Sterling (bruces) Sat 18 Jan 14 02:04

*It's awesome to encounter this kind of historical revisionism.  One
knows it has to happen, but, well, then, there it is.

*Every decade has its own 1960s in the way that every decade has its
own version of Cleopatra.  I bet you could run the Cleopatra Wayback
Machine to like Zero AD, and people who once knew her personally would
be standing around in their togas going, "heck no man, she was nothing
like that."
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #162 of 196: Bruce Sterling (bruces) Sat 18 Jan 14 02:24
*Yeah, that's a long, annoying scroll, but public petitions are
supposed to be long and annoying by their nature.  Like: "here we are,
in your face, all of us, endless numbers of us, being annoyed and

*There's one guy from Belgrade in that list.  There's something
endearing about that, like "Hey man, I'm here to stand up for Belgrade,
home of free and fearless academic inquiry."  Because he does, y'know.
 He didn't have to sign, but he did.

*Some modern Eastern European dissidents have really got it going on
when it comes to annoying.  When FEMEN shows up on the scene, daily
life just grinds to a halt.  The instant and universal response to
their antics is: "oh for heaven's sake can't we please cover them up
and hide them?"
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #163 of 196: Bruce Sterling (bruces) Sat 18 Jan 14 03:54

"Robin Elliott (robinellt)  Thanks Bruce, for turning to a bit more
positive note. I admit I was beginning to wonder, though I laugh at
your wit, especially the bit about "personal computers". 

"That said, this whole discussion doesn't have a very positive tone,
does it? Much of it's about problems and fears and little is about
positive hopes or things that might paint a brighter picture of the
year to come. Is it naive to say "Who knows! 2014 might be the year we
turn the corner!"?

*Well, Robin, I have seen some bright corners turned myself, so I
don't discount that possibility.  Around the corner, one finds a
surprising new street.  But it's still a street, just with better
lamps.  Once you turn the corner, there's just more boulevard; it's not
like there's some salvational form of good news that makes everything
okay forever.

*I hear about the positive-tone issue on occasion, but almost always
from my fellow Yankees.  In Serbia, where I spend a lot of my time, I
come across as an alarmingly perky, upbeat and can-do kind of guy.
That's because Serbia is a society of relentless Slavic miserabilism
where much of the population self-medicates on alcohol.  However,
that's only an American assessment; if you're Serbian, then Americans
are like grinning, cash-obsessed neat-freaks running around with
duct-tape and oil-cans.  

*Americans will pep-talk themselves into absolutely any foolishness,
by Serbian standards; Americans will cheerily invade Iraq and think
they can get away with that.  Hey, why be a downer about the prospect? 
Mission Accomplished!

*I'm not anywhere near so dark a writer as Franz Kafka, but there are
eye-witness reports of Kafka reading his stuff aloud in some Prague
cafe, and people just falling out of their chairs laughing.
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #164 of 196: Russell Wiltshire (rw) Sat 18 Jan 14 08:36
Interesting read no doubt, but it reads more like - State of the World
(according to people with facebook accounts).

This post claimed that the world is as peaceful as it gets:

"We do have soldiers fighting, limbs blown off by IEDs in the Middle
East, but they're tragic exceptions, at least for now."

They might be tragic exceptions for Americans. But elsewhere such
suffering is a daily occurence. Two groups that I've been following
recently include the Uyghur in East Asia and the Sami of northern

Granted, their persecution isn't on a scale such as the "great wars of
the 20th century". But that's just two groups. Everywhere I look there
are communities for whom rape, forced abortion, violence and death are
persistent and frequent facts of life.

With this in mind, I'm surprised that a topic entitled State of the
World has spent so much time discussing the big 5 tech giants, digital
snooping and wearable technology. Just how much of the world is
actually net-connected anyhow? Half?

Do you mean State of the *World* in the same way that the Red Sox are
currently *World Champions*?
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #165 of 196: Russell Wiltshire (rw) Sat 18 Jan 14 12:07
I’m woefully ignorant about world current affairs, but just sticking
with the UK and a subject I do know something about…

In the UK, every week, 1 or 2 kids die as a result of abuse and
neglect. That’s about 70 a year. 70 kids, not many. Perhaps we could
characterize them as “tragic exceptions” to use Jon’s words.

Except that they aren’t tragic exceptions. That’s the normal
situation. It happens every single week. And has done for the last 30
years at least, since we began accurate records.

And that’s just the ones who died, whose injuries or malnutrition were
so bad that they actually lost their lives. Another 60,000 kids are in
state care, most of them forcibly removed from their families due to
the severity of the harm or risk of harm.

I can tell you from my own experience and work that this is just the
tip of the iceberg. Social Services resources are so stretched that
those 60,000 are just the most severe cases that they can take on
within their budget. I estimate that about 200,000 kids are living in
conditions that any reasonable person would find unacceptable.

And yet, we do find it acceptable. We don’t talk about it. We don’t do
anything about it. It’s been this way for at least 30 years and it
never changes.

Still, that’s only 200,000 kids from a population of about 20 million.
1% if my math is correct. Given that it hardly ever features in the
media I guess we find that level acceptable. I can remember only 3
child deaths making headline news in the last 8 years, compared to
every single death in the armed forces being mentioned.

In world war 2, the total UK death toll was about 500,000. 1% of the
population at the time. Again, that’s just the top tier – those who
actually died. Many more were injured. So it’s certainly accurate to
say that the number of kids currently suffering is very low by

So on the face of it, characterizing child suffering in the UK as a
tragic exception is justified.

But, justified enough to warrant ignoring it in favor of a discussion
about 3d printing or Google glasses. Not by my standards. Particularly
in a topic titled “State of the World”.

The scene was set for a discussion about “technology, design,
politics, high and low culture, and fashion.” And it did indeed shoot
off immediately in the direction of technology and politics. But then
in post number 145 Jon raises the subjects of “war, plague or famine”.
And immediately dismisses them as “tragic exceptions” not worthy of
attention. He then goes on to refer to “real problems”:

“In the USA and I suspect in much of the world, we humans are healthy
and resilient, and well-cared-for despite the volume of complaints
about the medical establishment. We do have real problems, e.g. growing
instances of hospital-acquired infections and antibiotic resistance.”

Perhaps we are predisposed to focus on change. The number of child
deaths due to abuse and neglect is an acceptable norm. It doesn’t
change. It just ticks along. It gets ignored. The “real problem” (in
other words, the problem we notice) is the growing instance of this or
that, or the sudden rise in something or other.

Those 200,000 kids in the UK are alone. They are absolutely not
well-cared-for. What’s tragic is that it’s normal to ignore them.

I’m just using child welfare as an example because I happen to know
the figures. I suspect there are other issues such as the welfare of
the elderly or the mentally ill which have similar problems. Between
the ages of 20 and 50, the most common cause of death in the UK is
With this in mind I’m not entirely sure that it is appropriate or
useful to highlight things like antibiotic resistance as a worthwhile
barometer of the State of the World. It would be more useful to point
out that suicide remains a much larger problem. I suspect that it’s the
same psychological mechanism at work – the suicide rate remains fairly
constant, it’s not news and we have no idea how to solve the problem,
so we ignore it.

This discussion seems to be more about things that are changing and
therefore grabbing our attention, and things that are a good deal less
upsetting to think about than the real unchanging state of the world.
Some subjects are upsetting not just because they are tragic in
themselves, but because deep down perhaps we know they are problems
which are so much more difficult to solve. But I'd also question
whether there are many people who actually know these base figures to
start with. I was certainly surprised by the suicide figures. I assumed
heart disease or traffic accidents would be the biggest problem.

No-one likes to dwell on the tragic and sad. But when you title a
topic “State of the World”, is that not a declaration of intent to
muster our internal resources, put aside trivial subjects, and direct
our attention for as long as we can stand it, towards learning about
the real "real problems" of the world however heartbreaking they might

Incidentally (or maybe on a related note) I did a search for “how has
google changed the world” and the first dozen links without exception
just gave me a brief description of what Google’s technology does.
There was no obvious evidence to suggest that the world is changing in
any substantially different way because Google exists (although Bruce's
suggestion that these days MLK's stage presence would be diminished
gave me something to think about). I am not convinced that the most
vulnerable people in the world, of which there must be billions, will
be helped or hindered by 3d printers, wearable technology, or the
political shenanigans of the big 5 tech companies. I’d like to think
I’m wrong. But I fear that the future state of the world, and the
actual experience of most of it's occupants during 2014, will depend so
much more upon human nature than any of this technological
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #166 of 196: Ed Ward (captward) Sat 18 Jan 14 13:09
Just out of curiosity, <rw>, have you ever read and/or participated in
one of the past "State of the World" conversations here?
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #167 of 196: Russell Wiltshire (rw) Sat 18 Jan 14 13:21
No I haven't. Have I made a netiquette faux pas?
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #168 of 196: Ed Ward (captward) Sat 18 Jan 14 13:43
No, but maybe just a bit of a misapprehension of what's usually
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #169 of 196: Russell Wiltshire (rw) Sat 18 Jan 14 14:23
ok, well, I would hate to waste people's time so I apologise if my
rambling post was off-usual-topic. Thanks for the heads-up. However, I
did genuinely believe I was contributing to subjects already introduced
into the discussion by others, with the exception of one theme which I
thought was vitally relevant, namely how much influence NSA snooping
or the big 5 tech companies can possibly have in the world given that
significant numbers of people aren't dependent on internet
connectivity. If I got that wrong, then yes, I sure as hell misjudged
what this discussion was all about.
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #170 of 196: Ed Ward (captward) Sat 18 Jan 14 14:45
It's hardly my place to shape this conversation, I'd like to
emphasize, and I'll just disappear until the two main figures return
and deal with this or not, as they see fit. 
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #171 of 196: Paulina Borsook (loris) Sat 18 Jan 14 20:28

<rw>, nothing wrong with what you posted (again, not my discussion here).
for myself, when jon talked about how healthy everyone is, i thought "hmm,
pandemic of frail elderly/persistent serious mentally ill on the streets
everywhere/autism on the rise/how many people live on statins and
painkillers? checked out a skilled nursing facility/dementia unit recently?'

however, these state-of-the-world discussions do tend to be about certain
topics and not others.
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #172 of 196: Bruce Sterling (bruces) Sun 19 Jan 14 04:40

*Well, the state of the world in California is that the Golden State
is browner that it's ever been.

*There's probably some perky, upbeat way to frame this.  Was it
Trotsky who used to say, the worse, the better for us?

Los Angeles — California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of
emergency Friday due to what could be the western US state's worst
drought in a century, which has sparked wildfires and hurt farmers.
The declaration allows authorities to access federal help to battle
the dry spell that has left huge swaths of tinder-dry forest vulnerable
to going up in flames.

On Thursday, a massive blaze raged just outside Los Angeles, damaging
several homes and forcing residents to evacuate the area, where the
fire risk had been elevated for weeks.

Brown urged state residents to reduce their water use by at least 20

"I've declared this emergency and I'm calling on all Californians to
conserve water in every way possible," he said in a statement.

"We can't make it rain," he added….

*And, no, California can't make it rain, but California is an oil
state, and had much, much more than its share in wrecking our planet's
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #173 of 196: Bruce Sterling (bruces) Sun 19 Jan 14 04:43
*That's Davos worry #5 that's reducing California to a cinder.

*Maybe we could get the NSA to *spy* on the weather.  We'd probably
find out all kinds of stuff that the US Congress doesn't allow itself
to speak aloud.
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #174 of 196: Mark McDonough (mcdee) Sun 19 Jan 14 05:06
Yeah, every time a dry spell stretches beyond a couple of years,
certain dour sorts like myself wonder if this is going to be another
century-long drought like the one that caused the Anasazi civilization
to collapse.

Only a matter of time.
inkwell.vue.473 : Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
permalink #175 of 196: J. Eric Townsend (jet) Sun 19 Jan 14 08:09
I lived in the bay area long enough to know that they think the US, if
not the world, rotates around California, but it's more of a national
drought problem:


That big "Likely" problem across the Gulf Coast in Texas and Louisiana
includes Houston, Austin, the JRTC at Fort Polk, and important coastal
towns like Lake Charles and Lafayette.

All of Oregon, most of Washington and Nevada, and a huge chunk of New
Mexico are in the "persists or intensifies" range.


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