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The Street and the Square

~ or ~

Two Views of the ACM SIGGRAPH 2007 Conference and Exhibition

Gentle readers, this time I am going to repurpose (regift?) an article I wrote recently. I was offered a media pass to the ACM SIGGRAPH 2007 Conference and Exhibition if I wrote an article about it for the San Diego local chapter's web site. They asked for a thousand words and I gave them 7,449 (you know me). It's currently the first article listed on the publications page. ( san-diego.siggraph.org/publications.html ) A also am happy to report that I have read William Gibson's new novel, "Spook Country" (August 7, 2007). ( www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0399154302/hip-20 ) One of it's plot "McGufffins" is a group of artists producing "locative art," ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locative_art ) in this case Virtual Reality (VR) installations keyed to locations in L.A. where celebrities have died, where the wearer of eyephones sees the celebrity's body superposed on the real location where they died (such superposition is sometimes called "augmented reality"). ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augmented_reality ) As I read Gibson's description of the body of River Phoenix superimposed on the sidewalk on Sunset Blvd. where he died, I thought that this was the kind of thing I would expect to find in the SIGGRAPH Art Show. On an unrelated note, apropos of last time's issue, further insights into the "speed seduction" community can be gleaned from watching the VH-1 cable TV reality show "The Pickup Artist" (2007). ( vh1.com ) ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pick-up_Artist_%28TV_series%29 ) ======================================================================== newsletter archives: www.well.com/~abs/Cyb/4.669211660910299067185320382047 ======================================================================== Privacy Promise: Your email address will never be sold or given to others. You will receive only the e-Zine C3M from me, Alan Scrivener, at most once per month. It may contain commercial offers from me. To cancel the e-Zine send the subject line "unsubscribe" to me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I receive a commission on everything you purchase from Amazon.com after following one of my links, which helps to support my research. ======================================================================== Copyright 2007 by Alan B. Scrivener