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   "[Tim] Burners-Lee, standing at a blackboard, draws a graph,
    as he's prone to do.  It arrays social groups by size.
    Families, workplace groups, schools, towns, companies, the
    nation, the planet.  The Web could in theory make things work
    smoothly at all of these levels, as well as between them.
    That, indeed, was the original idea -- an organic expanse of
    collaboration.  But the Web can pull the other way.  And
    Berners-Lee worries about whether it will 'allow cranks and
    nut cases to find in the world 20 or 30 other cranks and nut
    cases who are absolutely convinced of the same things.  Allow
    them to set up filters around themselves... and develop a
    pothole of culture out of which they can't climb.'"

                                  -- Tim Burners-Lee, 19 May 1997
                                     interviewed in  Time Magazine

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