The ABS "what's tired/what's wired" list

Last update: 31-Mar-1996

tired: Star Trek conventions
wired: Mystery Science Theatre 3000 conventions

tired: Pocahontas "original" animation cel art wired: Toy Story 3-D stereo Viewmaster

tired: "The Beatles Anthology" (greatest hits album) wired: "Working Class Hero" (John Lennon tribute album)

tired: Virtual Actors (live cartoons) wired: VirtuaRacing Indy 500 arcade game (multiplayer with motion base)

tired: MGM Grand Hotel/Casino/Theme Park, Las Vegas, NV wired: Wild Bill's Casino & roller coaster, State Line, NV

tired: Six Flags Magic Mountain, Newhall, CA wired: Pacific Beach roller coaster, San Diego, CA

tired: Sunset Blvd. wired: Universal CityWalk

tired: Spago wired: Wolfgang Puck's

tired: Back To the Future, the ride (at Universal Studios) wired: Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye (at Disneyland)

tired: public art in downtown Los Angeles (especially the red thing in front of ARCO Plaza) wired: public art at Metro Green Line stations (especially the giant bee in Norwalk and the giant paper airplane in El Segundo)

tired: computer art wired: neon art

tired: Pamela Anderson wannabees wired: Betty Page look-alikes

tired: The X Files wired: Weird TV

tired: novels based on cyberpunk movies wired: old J. G. Ballard short stories

tired: Foucault wired: McLuhan

tired: Jerry Garcia memorials wired: drum circles

tired: U2 wired: Portishead

tired: Smashing Pumpkins wired: No Doubt

tired: Quentin Tarantino wired: John Travolta

tired: Xena, Warrior Princess wired: Sailor Moon

tired: Goldeneye with Pierce Brosnan wired: the Sean Connery 007 video box set

tired: USA animation companies using cheap Asian labor wired: anime (Japanese animation exported to the USA)

tired: Viacom wired: MCA

tired: DreamWorks SKG wired: Skywalker Ranch

tired: Mirimax wired: Sundance Film Festival

tired: the trial of the century (King/Menendez/Denny/Fleiss/Simpson/...) wired: the comet of the century (Shoemaker-Levy 9)

tired: mini-ads on web pages wired: mini-ads on temporary tattoos

tired: deconstructionist architecture wired: temporary deconstructionist architecture

tired: Windows 95 wired: IRIX 6

tired: battlefield telemedicine wired: robot soldiers

tired: MPEG wired: VRML

tired: flocking algorithms wired: self-reproducing intelligent agents

tired: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) wired: magnetoencephalography (MEG)

tired: ads for web page authoring services wired: ads for web page authoring software

tired: Artificial Intelligence (AI) wired: Intelligence Amplification (IA)

tired: web browser wars wired: web search engine wars

tired: Visual Basic wired: Open Inventor

tired: voxel-based volume rendering wired: octree-based volume rendering

tired: interactive TV wired: home groupware

tired: net gambling wired: net lobbying

tired: using the 1st amendment to defend violent protest wired: using the 2nd amendment to defend citizen's rights to cryptography technology

tired: NASA struggling to redeem itself wired: commercial satellite launch services

tired: growing government wired: government shutdown

tired: mass media wired: home studios

tired: modern philosophy wired: stand-up comedy

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