The Eye of the Paradox
poetry is about what is.
philosophy, however, either questions or justifies what is.
Plato began as a poet -- then turned a philosopher.
I began as a philosopher, but I suspect I am turning into a poet.
are most likely to spend your lives doing
all kinds of odd jobs
to support ourselves.
Everyone thanks us for
our widom -- few pay in money!
But friendship and deep respect often come.

This Moment of Truth

This slipping away
moment contains
all the power of life.
Today fades away.
Tomorrow fades in,
becomes today.
Then turns to


Where ever you are
you have arrived.

You are always
here and now.

This is it:


Today I
come to know
myself again.


Yesterday is as
far away as
20 years ago.


Fake Spring

in January. Flowers bloom...
I think)
oh, a freeze will happen
later in this Winter.
I walk with my own
Soul as my best friend
beside me.


Philosophy is not about piling up words and theories -- that is for teachers at universities who have to justify their academic posts.

The "love of wisdom" is the beginning of a search or enquiry that leads to a general reform of our world view and way of life.

Philosophy -> Wisdom -> Life


Somewhere it has been written that it is "better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all." I know that all my "lost loves" are wonderful treasures - - all made me grow and exceed myself.

The pain of "lost love" is bitter sweet. The numbness of never allowing ourselves to love, however, is far more to err toward the death of the soul. "So," I tell myself, "Relax . . ." and "stay open to love. Just be wise enough to learn from the past."


Time is our real abundance. But, notice that all our popular technology is obsessed in doing more in less time: the auto, jet craft, telephone, fax... So why is there so much complaint about not having enough time? It is that we just want MORE. Which really means that we (you & I) are spiritually empoverished inside.


Om...God..Tao...Reality. All these are words pointing to the mystery of Life -- prior to everything.


Depression happens. It's not always possible to handle life. Life is often overwhelming.

Living into the Action


Everyday, I begin again.

How do I begin...?
Begin anywhere...
Just begin...anywhere...
Get on with it!

Being, Doing & Non-doing


All things

come and go.
Only that which
is not-thing is

Beginings are happy,
endings are sad.

Yet, every end is a new beginning.
So be still and watch yourself.


Not many words
can be said
to explain
what I feel

Paper, pen, cafe,
memories of things past.
Better, just
being here.
Being here.
Being Here.

Stories for the soul


When we tell a story we contact deep parts of ourselves. We bring up old memories and feelings, and make them real again for a short moment. In that moment we have an opportunity to re-de something -- to change history.

New entries into the log:


Focus on the state, the feeling, that you want. Let everything around you be shaped by the feeling. I suggest just "feeling good". Your body/mind/spirit will give you constant feedback as to what to do.

Let's do more with less effort.

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