by Aya Katz

It seems to me, one day I fell
From perfect grace to earthly hell.
'Twas dark, 'twas dank, all warm and wet,
And every need of mine was met.
Encased in loving, living shell,
Entrapped within a prison cell,
I prospered there since dawn of time,
Till banished for an unknown crime,
I dislodged from my resting place
And travelled far in little space.
My world did jar, my world did shake,
Like great typhoon or small earthquake,
Then narrow grew, too tight to bear,
I thought my head would burst from wear,
The tunnel narrowed so right there --
Then there was light...
and there was air!
I filled my lungs with all my might.
I cried out loud from pain and fright.
And someone said: "It'll be all right."
Then it was day, and it was night.
And someone called me by my name:
Since then, things haven't been the same.

Copyright Aya Katz

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