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Mosaicarum et Romanarum Legum Collatio

Title V.
On Fuckers. [De Stupratoribus.]

Moses says:
He who passes the night with a male the way one passes the night with women, is an object of disdain: let them both die, they are guilty.

Paulus, in the Second Book of "The Sentences," under the Title "Of Adulteries":
He who screws an unwilling free male, shall be punished by death. He who by his own will suffers shameful, impure screwing shall be fined half of his property, nor is he permitted to make a will from the larger part.

This is the law: but a constitution of the emperor Theodosius is recognized to follow in full the spirit of the law of Moses. (likewise the Theodosian):
The Emperors Valentinian, Theodosius, and Arcadius Augusti to Orientius the Deputy of the City of Rome. We shall not suffer the City of Rome, the mother of all virtue, any longer to be polluted by the contamination of effeminate disgrace in a male and to inflict upon the ages of the founders and the emperors that the physical strength handed down by the ancient founders should be weakened in a voluptuous manner by the feeble rustic masses through abuse, Our dear and beloved Orientius. Therefore your effort is praiseworthy which purifies by avenging flames in the sight of the people all those whose shameful habit it is to condemn the male body to suffer an alien sex in the manner of women, and who are in no way different from women, taken by surprise, as the savageness of the disgrace demands, and drawn out from all - it is shameful to say - brothels of males, so that the whole world understands that the lodging of the male soul must be sacrosanct to all and that he who squanders his own sex to desire an alien sex shall not escape the highest punishment. Issued the 14th of May at the Hall of Minerva of Rome.