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[Translated by GR Driver and JC Miles, The Assyrian Laws, Oxford, 1935. Translation amended by me.]

ca. 1450 - 1250 BCE

§ 19
If a man has secretly defamed his neighbor saying: "They have lain with him" or has spoken to him in a quarrel in the presence of people, saying: "Men lie with you", saying "I myself will charge you", (then if) he cannot bring a charge against him (and) has not charged him, that man shall be beaten 50 blows with rods (and) shall do labor for the king for 1 full month; he shall be shaved and shall pay 1 talent of lead.

§ 20
If a man has lain with his neighbor (and) a charge has been brought against him [i.e. the neighbor] (and) evidence has been brought against him, (then) he shall have been lain with, (so) he shall be rendered a 'saris' (= eunuch).