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Cassius Dio

Roman History

50.5   Or she [Cleopatra] had herself carried on a litter, while Antony accompanied her on foot along with the eunuchs.

51.10.6   Therefore, she hurried into the tomb along with a eunuch and two female servants and sent Antony a message from there that she was already dead.

51.14.3   As for the eunuch, in the moment when his mistress had been captured, he willingly offered himself to the snakes and after he was bitten he jumped into a coffin that was already laid out for him.

67.2.3   Therefore, while [Domitian] himself loved the eunuch Earinos, nonetheless, because Titus had shown himself enthusiastic for castrated men, in order to insult the memory of Titus he forbade that any person in the Roman Empire should thereafter be castrated.

68.2.4   Among other things he issued laws prohibiting the eunuchization of men and marriage with a niece.

76.14.4-5   At home, he [Plautanius] had one hundred noble Romans castrated, and none of us knew about it until after Plautanius had died. From that one can see the full measure of his lawlessness and power. But he not only castrated boys and youth, but even men, including married men. His intention was that his daughter Plautilla, who later married Antoninus, should only have eunuchs for her servants and especially for her teachers in music and other fields of art. And so we looked on the very same people as both eunuchs and males, as both fathers and impotents, as both castrati and beard-wearers.

78.17.2  And what was in the highest degree detestable and unworthy for the Senate and the Roman people, we now had a eunuch as our commander. It was a Spaniard by birth named Sempronius Rufus, a poison-mixer and deceiver by profession, who for that reason had already been imprisoned on an island by Severus.