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Deuteronomy 23

1 The one wounded by crushing or by the cutting of his genitals may not enter to the assembly of Yahweh ...

17 No daughter of Israel shall become a qdesha; no son of Israel shall become a qadesh; you shall not bring zona earnings or keleb money into the house of Yahweh your God for any vow, for both of them are indeed detestable to Yahweh your God.

Re 1: Although the Hebrew word for eunuch saris appears 45 times throughout the Hebrew scriptures, it is not used in connection with this verse that prohibits castrated men from entering into the assembly of Yahweh. Moreover, in Jeremiah 34:19, some sarisim are reported to have taken part in a religious rite, which would have been a violation of this verse if sarisim were castrated.

Re 17: qdesha and qadesh are both words that come from the Semitic root q-d-sh, meaning holy. They were temple personnel in Babylonian cults. A zona was a female prostitute, and a keleb was a male gigolo, assuming a connection between the keleb and the kulu'u of Mesopotamian goddess cults.