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Era, lines 31-62

[Translated from P.F. Gössmann Oesa, Das Era-Epos, Würzburg: Augustinus, pp. 28-29]

The king's warriors amassed themselves, entered the city.
The arrow whirred, the dagger was drawn.
You set up the weapons of the protectors of Anu and Dagan.
You let their blood flow over like rain water into the market place.
You opened their "veins" and let the flood [blood] flow out.
The Lord, the Prince Marduk saw it and said "Woe!" He took it to heart.
An insoluble curse was on his lips.
He made an oath: he will not drink the water of the river.
He sees their blood: he enters not into Esagil.

Woe Babylon! which like a date palm I have made to carry abundant yield: the wind withered it.
Woe Babylon! which like a fir cone ... have made to be filled with ... pollen and the fullness of which I did not enjoy.
Woe Babylon! which like a splendid garden I planted, and whose fruitI did not eat.
Woe Babylon! which like a seal of elmesu stone I had laid around the neck of Anu.
Woe Babylon! which like the board of fate I took in hand and left to no one.
Woe Babylon! which...

May the ferry leave port and may ... cross over on foot.
May the well be 60 meters deep and no man shall save his life.
In the surge of the broad sea, may they bring up the fisher boat to 100 "nautical miles" with the rudder.
The eternal city Sippar, over whose silhouette the Lord of Countries did not allow the flood to come:
Against the will of Shamash you destroyed their walls, pulled down their outer wall.
As for Uruk, the seat of Anu and Ishtar, the city of prostitutes, whores, and strumpets,
To whom Ishtar steals away the man whom she had placed into their hands:
Sutean men and women throw torches (in).
They attack Inanna, the impotents and effeminates,
Whom Ishtar changed from men into effeminates in order to teach people the fear of the gods,
The dagger, blade, knife, and flint bearers,
Who act in order to lift the spirits of Ishtar.
You set up a cruel, unbearable governor over her.
He saddened her and neglected her rituals.
Ishtar became angry and enraged about Uruk.
She mobilized the enemy and he swept it away like cereal before water...