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[from: Josephus, with an English translation by H. St. J. Thackeray, London: Heinemann, 1926-1981.]




Let those who have made themselves eunuchs be had in detestation; and do you avoid any conversation with them who have deprived themselves of their manhood, and of that fruit of generation which God has given to men for the increase of their kind: let such be driven away, as if they had killed their children, since they beforehand have lost what should procure them; for evident it is their soul is become effeminate, they have withal transfused that effeminacy to their body also. I like manner do you treat all that is of a monstrous nature when it is looked on; nor is it lawful to geld men or any animals.


There were certain eunuchs which the king had, and on account of their beauty was very fond of them; and the care of bringing him drink was intrusted to one of them; or bringing him his supper, to another; and of putting him to bed, to the third, who also managed the principal affairs of the government; and there was one who told the king that these eunuchs were corrupted by Alexander the king's son with great sums of money. And when they were asked whether Alexander had had criminal conversation with them, they confessed it, but said they knew of no further mischief of his against his father ... [my translation: and when asked about the events, they bluntly revealed to him the association and sexual intercourse (koinoonias kai mixeoos), but they were not aware of any annoyances towards the father.]