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[Translated by F.A. Wright in The Works of Liudprand of Cremona, New York, 1930.]


CHAPTER 9 [Migne, PG, 136.861]

In addition to this the hero Tedbald, a close connection of Hugh's by marriage, was marquess of Camerino and Spoleto. He went to the help of the prince of Benevento against the Greeks who had pressed him grievously hard, and attacking them in a regular campaign gained the victory. It happened that he captured a number of the Greeks who had been driven from the country side but were still holding some forts. These men he castrated, saying to the general who commanded them: "I understand that your holy emperor attaches a special value to eunuchs, and therefore I have hastened to send him a few with my respects, and by God's grace will send him more very soon".