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He who enacts judgments with violence is like the desire of a eunuch to devirginize a girl.

[i.e. an oxymoron?]

30:14-20 [all except last two lines are translated by Edgar Goodspeed, The Apocrypha, 1938]

A poor man who is well and has a strong constitution is better off
Than a rich man who is afflicted in body.
Health and a good constitution are better than any amount of gold,
And a strong body than untold riches.
There is no greater wealth than health of body,
And there is no greater happiness than gladness of heart.
Death is better than a wretched life,
And eternal rest than continual sickness.
Good things spread out before a mouth that is closed
Are like piles of food laid on a grave.
What good is an offering of fruit to an idol?
It can neither eat nor smell.
That is the way with a man who is afflicted by the Lord:
He sees things with his eyes and groans,
Like a eunuch embraces a virgin and groans.