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Karl Ulrichs

"Memnon": Die Geschlechtsnatur des mannliebenden Urnings. Eine naturwissenschaftliche Darstellung. Abtheilung II, Schleiz, 1868.

Section 2

Chapter 14: Distinguishing traits between Uranians and Uranized males, and conversely, between males and virilized Uranians. [pp. 61-63]

Inclusa § 79. Ara spei § 61. Above § 40.

§ 81. The origin of Uranism is innateness, that of Uranization the shortage of women, habit, or self-compulsion.
This difference in origin is matched by a difference in manifestation.
1) Uranization is never a lasting psychological condition. The Uranized male, or Uraniaster, is and remains a male. His male nature is only temporarily pushed into the background. His male responsiveness to love for women never ceases. He never feels the Uranian's horror of touching the female body sexually. At every available opportunity, the love for women emerges in him once again. Thus, for example, in the case put forth by Canler. This is also what happened among the Uranized soldiers of the French Foreign Legion, when they returned from the isolated desert camps to the city of Algiers, where they had contact with women.
2) In the innate Uranian, you find the true passion of sexual love toward a young man, whether it is an enthusiastic inner longing, or the fiery glow of sensuality. What drives the Uranian is always true sexual love. The young man is truly loved by him. The Uranian has a beloved.
In the Uraniaster you do not find any of this in relation to a young man. He does not have a beloved, even if he calls him that. He cannot love him. What drives him toward a young man is not the longing of love for him, not the overpowering enchantment that seeing his face exerts on him. Only a female being could attract him in this way, never a male. Only his sexual need, which demands at least a temporary remedy for its gratification, drives him toward him. What drives him is not the "tu", or any other entity outside the "ego", but only the "ego." This is the exact opposite of the Uranian, as of any person who loves. A being outside of him, the beautiful boy, is what drives and excites the Uranian.
3) The Uraniaster therefore takes pleasure, without loving the one by whom he takes his pleasure. His pleasure consists of nothing other than gratification. His pleasure misses the inhalation of the magnetic emanation that emerges from the body of the other partner, because only someone who loves is capable of sensing this emanation. He misses the pleasure of the soothing touch, the sensitivity to a beneficent living body.
4) The inhalation of that invisible force, that sensitivity to a beneficent living body, reaches a climax in the Uranian when the male body parts of the other partner are touched. These parts in particular produce the greatest sensual thrill in him. (Formatrix §§9-16.) To the Uraniaster, on the other hand, these parts are completely indifferent. They leave him entirely cold. (See here in particular Formatrix § 16.)
In this sketch of the Uraniaster, the reader will probably find that which he was accustomed to look for in the Uranian. That is how people thought of him, even though he differs from the sketched image in its most essential traits.
The distinguishing traits between the innate male and the virilized Uranian are exactly the same in all four points, mutatis mutandi.

§ 82. It follows from the foregoing that:
For the question of whether an individual is a Uranian, it is immaterial whether he takes pleasure in a Uranian or non-Uranian manner. On the other hand, the following four points are critical:
1. Does he feel passionate longing for love in relation to male beings, and only to them, whether of an enthusiastic-delicate, or fiery-sensual kind?
2. Does he feel a horror of touching women sexually? [49]
3. Does he sense a soothing magnetic emanation when touching a blossoming male body?
4. Does the thrill of the attraction find its climax in the male parts of the latter?
Wherever you find these points, or even one of them, there you find true sexual love and therefore nature -- genuine, innate nature. No self-conquest [will-power], even for the sake of gold and emeralds, no habituation, no shortage of women, can ever conjure up even a single one of these four points.
(These points were also critical for me above in the classification of individual Uranians, e.g. Martial, because while I certainly recognized in him non-Uranian pleasure, I found in him the true longing of love only in relation to boys.)

[49] This horror is not always to be found, so it appears. (See above § 35, 36.) But when it is present, it is defining.