My Family

Dad: the prime of his senility
The Heller family isn't dysfunctional, but we like to say we are. There's my dad, who discovered the phone back in the 30s, and has refused to touch any other technology since then, except for his camera (click here for examples of his wonderful work). He's now in the prime of his senility, which is great, because we get to tell him the same stories over and over again, and they're always fresh and new!
Susan: loves kids
The happiest days of his life were 1) when he found out we were a tax deduction, and 2) when he sent us off to college. Unfortunately, college sent us back because they don't accept 2-year-olds. So, we spent the next decade getting used to each other.

Dad's married to Susan, who was in kindergarten for over 22 years. (Fortunately, it was because she was the teacher.) She loves kids, long walks along the beach, romantic snuggles by the fire, and shopping at Bloomie's on Saturday afternoons.

I have a brother, Peter, who has worked at Oracle since Larry Ellison was a small child. Peter is the only kid in the family that loves the Apple Macintosh, despite years of family counseling. We think it's because mom gave him an Etch-a-sketch when he was younger. Speaking of kids, Peter has two of his own -- Alexandra and Zachary.
Peter and Zachary
Alex and Zach

Grandma Draza

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