Rules of the game:
Dots and Boxes is the game of "connect the dots." Start by pressing New Game. A board of colored Dots will be formed, according to the width and height you specify. You are playing against the computer. Each player alternates turns by connecting two dots together with a line. When you create a box by closing the 4th side of it, you get one point and take another turn. (You must take this turn.) The computer does the same. Note that the computer goes very quickly, so if it appears it is taking lots of turns, it's because it's closing many boxes.

The game is over when there are no more turns available, and the winner is the player that has closed more boxes.
If you were using a java-enabled browser, you would be able to play this game. But, you're not.

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Please note these bugs:
  1. You will get a box in the top corner of your screen, and on your Windows taskbar. I have no idea why this happens, nor does any Java expert I know. You can get rid of it using the Windows task manager (Alt+Ctrl+Del), but this will also kill all your browser processes, requiring you to start up your web browser again. Sorry. If I could fix it, I would.
  2. There is a rare bug where if you close the first box of the game, the computer may incorrectly take the point (and may also take an additional turn). Since I first wrote this game in 1985, I have no idea how this happens, and I cannot reliably reproduce the error. However, it may happen to you. Just start a new game if you're upset about it.
  3. If you have problems, questions or bug reports other than these two issues, click here.

The computer's last move is shown in magenta

Copyright © 1985 Dan Heller.
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