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what does a trooper care

A bulletin from Archy, who started weeks ago hitch-hiking across the country from California to New York, accompanied by Mehitabel and the seven platinum-blonde kittens she acquired in Hollywood.

still somewhere in arizona
sometime in october
sand storm struck us yesterday
i peeped out from under a rock
and saw mehitabel dancing
and singing as follows
ive got a rock in my eye
and a scorpion in my gizzard
but what does an artist care
for a bit of red hot blizzard
my feet are full of cactus
there are blisters in my hair
but howl storm howl
what does a trooper care
i got a thirst like a mummy
i got a desert chill
but cheerio my deario
theres a dance in the old dame still
two more of the kittens disappeared
well i got three left said mehitabel
poor little dears i am afraid
they will never reach broadway
unless they learn how to get milk
from the catcus plants damn them
their appetites are spoiling my figure
a lot of encouragement a dancer gets
from her family i must say
any other artist i know would tell them
to go wean themselves on alkali
and be done with them but my great weakness
is my maternal instinct
boss i made nearly a mile today
before the sand storm belew me back
i hear texas is a thousand miles across

used without permission. i'm not even sure who owns the copyright or who committed the crime against humanity of letting this go out of print. If you have a clue, send them nice e- or snail-mail begging that they bring this back into print!

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