The WELL's Jewish conference was started in January 1987. In 1990 we "restarted" the conference to trim things down a bit. The following is the first entry in the first topic of the current conference.

Welcome to the 5750 (er, 1990 c.e.) edition of the Jewish conference. This is the first time we have rolled discussions over and "restarted." It's a chance to do some necessary house- cleaning, but also a chance to reflect how many words have passed over the phone lines since we began, and, as though we have celebrated an online "siyum," turn back to the first page and begin our studies and conversations anew.

The introduction to the original Jewish conference ran thus. More of us speak Hebrew now, dayac has written a fine prayer (in English) to recite upon logging on, and all of us have learned and changed a lot since then, but let's stick to tradition:

The Jewish Conference is intended to be... a lot of things.

Being Jewish means... a lot of things. Being Jewish doesn't even necessarily mean being actively Jewish, or wishing to be part of the Jewish community.

The Oaklander (the Oakland rebbe) was asked once if there was a prayer which she recited before going online. "Of course," she replied, and continued on to mumble some Hebrew which none of us understood. Still, the fact that there is a prayer is comforting, and worth reciting a prayer over, and we'll ask her to translate hers some day.

Meanwhile, let us take the opportunity to introduce ourselves, and to invite you to do likewise.