Tamar's photo album

This photo album was inspired by the huge stack of photos passed around a couple of weekends ago at Tamar's house as brothers Bobby and Stu, Stu's wife Sheila, Tamar's Aunt Pearl, plus the usual crowd of local fans, and Ruth Gonsky (another attendee at the party where Tamar and Daveed met each other, but not Ari) showed up to share coffee ice cream.

Not long after she began radiation therapy, Tamar and Daveed headed east to attend the marriage of Stuart and Sheila (November 1993). In this picture, we see the ganze mishpoche: From left to right, Daveed, Tamar, Sheila, Stuart, Melanie, baby Alec Spenser Kaufman, Bobby. Click for 64K JPEG.

Last spring, Pat Cohn (who also serves as the coordinator for volunteers for Tamar) arranged a birthday boat trip. Pictured here, from left to right, are: Husband Daveed Mandel, Tamar, Sheila, Stu, Pat, Lainey. Click for the screen-sized 46K JPEG.

The chemo treatment was not getting past barriers in the brain to attack the tumors. A new treatment in Portland offered a chance, so last spring, Tamar began spending a week in Portland trying the new treatment. Each visit someone would accompany her: Pat Cohn, Hannah Hall, brothers Bobby, and in August, Stuart and Sheila. Here the three of them stand in front of the train to Mt. Hood. Click for the screen-sized 46K JPEG.

I'm not sure where this picture was taken. We like it a lot. 36K