Barbara Pease

Summer of Our Years

As I run, I remember spruce filled the sky when I was young.
I ran then with hair flowing -- laughing, joyous, free.
At dusk in our camp we gathered, the day's spoils won.
I was strong, the wind my friend, I was filled with glory.

An owl's cry breaks the night. Spring peepers throb as one.
I love. I am content. I wait for my grandchildren.
I watch as my parents watched for me, and as I watched for my own.
My grandchildren run swiftly laughing down the long hill. I grin.

Years passing, lamer now, I see our lake in the morning.
Summer plans filled our lives with each new season, and I yearn
For dawn's wispy fog, water still as glass, a deer in the bushes foraging.
In winter I gather strength knowing each year summer will return.

Tender moments, and little sorrows, laughter filling years
Bring to mind our simpler life, and my eyes fill with tears.