Shiny Green Bugs

Shiny Green Bugs

There are many kinds of little bugs.
Shiny green ones are the best.
Iridescent exoskeletons
Are prettier than the rest.

Sometimes I wonder how it would feel
To have extra arms, and wings!
What would I do if I was like that?
Some wonderful lovely things!

I would fly in to your living room
To see what was on the wall.
I would look for something good to eat
My antannae tasting all!

I would fly out to your garden beds
And check out all your flowers.
Where can I go? I must lay my eggs!
For I will be dead in hours!

I'd see roses in a pretty hue;
With shoots that are tender and bare
I'd extend my ovipositor,
Deposit my eggs right there.

They have very short lives, little bugs
But they also have no concern.
For with every metamorphisis
They will get another turn.

© 1995 by Alan R. Turner. All Rights Reserved.
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