The Fine Apartment

It's a Fine apartment
in upper College Town
it has High ceilings and
Hardwood Floors.
Vegetarian only.

We are all Feminist
and also Anti-Nuke
We want to Save the whales,
Et cetera, and you know.

We meet every Tuesday,
Everyone has to come,
We discuss groceries,
next week's meals,
and anyone's visitors.

If you will have a car,
Then it will work like this:
The last car in the drive
we all use,
It really works, you will see.

There's no smoking allowed
Except that pot's O.K.
If you can get some pot
for the house
Then that would be really cool.

It's a fine apartment
Meet us on next Tuesday
We have Hardwood ceilings,
high oak floors
We are friendly and open.

© 1995 by Alan R. Turner. All Rights Reserved.
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