Note: I've been getting a lot of hits on this page, probably from people who really are looking for info. on Frank Lloyd Wright, and aren't interested in bad poetry. I imagine that this can be annoying: here's a picture of one of Frank Lloyd Wright's houses that you aren't likely to find in any search engine, and here's an article I wrote about Fallingwater's structure.

And a tip: If you spell Mr. Wright's name correctly when you type it into the search engine, you're more likely to get some useful hits.

Need Info on Frank Loyd Wright

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>Need Info on Frank Loyd Wright. Big paper coming up soon, really need
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    Frank Lloyd Wright was born in
    Richland Center, Wisconsin in 1869.

    Although he never studied architecture formally,
    he designed a number of interesting buildings,
    an earthquake-proof hotel in Tokyo,
    an art museum in New York City,
    and a very nice house near Bear Run, PA.

    He also designed some rather
    uncomfortable furniture.

    He had several mistresses,
    and occasionally forgot
    the names of his children.

    He was not a tall man,
    and some say that this
    influenced his designs.

    His favorite color was red.
    He died in 1959.

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