All Heaths and Heathers, All the time.

A while back, I made a spreadsheet that cataloged 1200 or so varieties of heaths and heathers showing their colors by month, and their hardiness zone and height. This is a handy tool for deciding what varieties to plant next to each other -- by sorting the lines in the sheet you can see what color the cultivars you've chosen will be each month.

Here's a sample screen shot, and here's the readme file that goes with it.

The colors are a bit cartoonish compared to the actual plants, granted. All I wanted was to get a handle on the way this complicated group of plants changed through the seasons.

If you're interested in downloading the complete database, email me. You need Microsoft Excel to be able to do anything with it. 
"It's a most excellent spreadsheet."
-Josh Gordon, Chief Programmer at eBay 

 "Art, don't be shy, how do you really feel about these plants, Art, do you like them or not?"
-Mike McGrath, Host of "You Bet Your Garden" on WHYY radio.

The Heather Society is an an excellent source of information, and they have a searchable version of their Handy Guide to Heathers online. The paper version of the book is well worth having, too.

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