Old Paint

I have a lot of old paint.
It's all in gallon cans.
The colors do not match.
That's out of my hands.

Open a can of white paint.
A thick skin's on the top.
Break the skin and stir it,
pick out all the glop.

The next can is of red paint.
The lid is stuck on tight.
Finally it's open
It took all my might.

Why did I buy that brown paint?
By now I do not care.
I'll add it to the mix.
Stop me if you dare.

I almost have a gallon,
and there's a little more.
Here's some teal enamel,
add it to the pour.

The shade is not very nice.
But color's not the point.
Just want to use it up,
Make space in this joint.

I paint the door, sloppily,
I paint the dog, the car.
I look for something else,
There's the local bar.

I paint the stools and beer taps.
And Hilda's pretty dress.
Someone has a problem,
Seems I've made a mess.

Do not paint out of control.
take a tip from me.
If you have extra paint,
best to leave it be.

© 1995 by Alan R. Turner. All Rights Reserved.
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