For 20-odd years I was a political consultant.
Then I studied mathematics 1996-1999 and
graduated from college in middle age.  Since 2001
I've been a telescope operator.  Public opinion
meanwhile continues to fuel a healthy bemused
interest but I feel I understand politics less
& ever less.  But like most people, I still
understand politics more than most experts.

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Tue Sep 24 12:33:35 1985

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Computers: a Radio Shack I; an Osborne I; a Tandy
102; Windows 3.1 inside OS/2 on an PC emulator on
a Mac Book Pro; BASIC on the Stamps, gcc on the
AVRs.  At work, Linux on the PCs, Solaris on the
Suns and VxWorks on the VMEs.

Once I spoke Russian reasonably fluently but now
I don't.  Once I spoke Spanish reasonably
fluently but now I don't.  I wish I spoke, or
understood, Turkish, Arabic and Italian.  I wish
I knew classic Greek and Latin.  I wish I
remembered more of the philosophy instruction I
received in college.  Wish, wish, wish, wish,

On 25 April 2006 I married Martha C., whom I'd
begun dating in 1984.  Martha died suddenly
on 19 April 2007.  Since June 2010 I have been
married to Elizabeth B.