William M. Pezzaglia Jr., Ph.D.

Alias "Dr. Bill"
Pezzaglia Consulting Inc.
Phone: 650-430-0342
Email: billium@well.com or drbill@Clifford.org



Hobbies (MUSIC)

Lots of music in my life, I play ragtime piano, and further annoy my folk-musician friends by insisting they let me sit in on their sets with Tuba, Clarinet and Trombone. When I'm not grading papers or working on theoretical physics I sometimes perform at the Open Mic, Thursday Nights at the Bazaar Cafe.

  • MARIO SPEEDWAGON, see Dr. Bill on all his instruments with Mario Desio, Tom Meshishnek, David Sobel. Next Shows:

    • No shows scheduled
  • Tuba, Clarinet, Piano appears on Jared Karol's latest CD Live from San Leandro (with the Kennebunkport Symphony Orchestra)  
  • Tuba appears in "Mexican Taxi" by Mario Speedwagon, on Music Stew, Volume 1, available at Bazaar Cafe.  
  •  Tuba/Trombone featured on Mark Growden's CD Downstairs Karaoke
    available from markgrowden.org
  •  Tuba appears as a "polar bear" on Gayle Schmitt's CD, a collection of original kids songs). [ps I've lost some weight and dyed my hair since this photo was taken ----->]  


Teaching Activities

Currently I rotate between three institutions, Santa Clara University, CSU East Bay and the Las Positas College. I teach Astronomy, Physics, and Musical Acoustics. For more details on my current schedule of classes and web pages at these schools, take at look at my main "teaching" page at: http://www.clifford.org/~drbill


Research and Consulting Activities


Family, History

On my mother's side, its all Bostonian english/irish. Mom's great grandmother was apparently stolen by gypsies when she was 5, but returned shortly thereafter, because her mother was a Lady in waiting in queen Victoria's court, and her father the Sheriff of London. However, she married a commoner and so was disowned by her father (so said my 96 year old great aunt Lil). On my father's side, his maternal grandfather came by covered wagon from Calgary, Canada and homesteaded near Rio Vista, California (where a few years ago Humphrey the whale got stuck). His paternal grandfather (and father, the "Pezzaglia" name) immigrated from southern Switzerland. My birthday is the same day that the Hindenburg blew up, Brahms was born, the Lusitania sank and in 1840 the russian composer Pyotr TCHAIKOVSKY was born.


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