Brian Williams
5530 Taylor Ave, Bainbridge Is.,WA 98110
(206) 855-7881 (home and fax)


MLS, San Jose State University, 1977
BA Mathematics, San Diego State University, 1969

Coursework in Computer Science at UCSC, 1983
Coursework in Computer Science at California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo, 1990


June 1991 - August 2000: Automated Systems Manager, Multnomah County Library, Portland, OR

Duties included system administrator and manager of the library's automated systems including the online public access catalog with 200 terminals, 200 public PC stations, 400 staff PC's, a full spectrum of applications and networked access, an ethernet network with Spark servers for Internet resources, local email, and both a public and staff gopher and then intranet, and an NT network supporting Cdroms and both public and staff functions. Conversant with Sun OS, Solaris, HPUX, Pick, Mac and Microsoft operating systems. Oversaw the library's wide area network of 15 sites and connectivity to the Internet. Installed ethernet local area networks at all the sites. Systems administrator for 3 Sun spark servers and two HP servers, the largest being the library's HP 9000 420 which runs the library's online public access catalog (Ameritech's Library Software which we call Dyna). Responsible for administration of all modules of Dyna, library email (Pine), ftp services, intranet, etc. Coordinated and administered the library web site ( which includes the sites for Multnomah County government offices, the local multi-county planning agency, and some non-profit organizations in the Portland area in addition to the library's own site. Developed an NT component into both the library's Intranet and Internet sites. Designed and installed two new 2000 sq foot computer room facilities. Participated in the design and installation of automation in the newly remodeled Central Library facility opened in April 1997. The new facility has a state of the art local area network with ATM backbone and switched virtual networks, 5 NT servers, 250 staff NT pentium machines and 130 public NT pentium machines, in addition to the Sun and HP servers. Developed a browser based interface for public access to library automation services, including the library's Dyna, networked Cdroms, access to IAC's periodical indexes and full text, and internet resources. Participated strongly in automation planning, including the production of a long range automation plan in 1995 to the year 2000. Participate in county-wide automation planing with other agencies. Supervised a staff of 15, including 7.5 in a self directed work team for the support of PC's and our network. Prepared and managed a budget of $3,000,000.

July 1985 - June 1991: Senior Assistant Librarian - Head, Computer Services , Kennedy Library, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA.

Duties included coordination of library microcomputer and communications applications, coordination of the Library's online public access catalog (OLPAC), the full range of reference work, reference desk service, coordination of automation for reference, computer literature searching in the National Library of Medicine Medlars system and other searching as required, teaching as assigned, and collection development in the fields of Mathematics and Statistics. Oversaw the development of the RFP for the library's OLPAC, the selection of that vendor (CLSI), and the installation of the system. Put the library's OLPAC on the Internet; Installed email (Elm) for all the library staff. Coordinated and assisted in all the staff training for the above systems. Supervised a staff of three technicians.

1985 - 1989: Teleconferencing Coordinator, Energy Network, Santa Cruz, Ca.

Organized and managed a computer teleconferencing system for the Energy Network, headquartered in Oakland, Ca. Responsible for overseeing use of the system and producing a Newsletter based on the communicated material for all the members of the Network.

1969 - July 1985: Reference Assistant, Science Library, University of California, Santa Cruz

Duties included all aspects of science reference work including computerized literature searching in the Dialog and BRS systems. Developed a working knowledge of all scientific abstracts and indexes, manual and computerized. Served as the UCSC representative to the UC system-wide automation coordinators committee. Planned and installed the first PC based literature searching station at UCSC, circa 1978.

1975- July 1985: Director and Education Coordinator, Energy Center, Santa Cruz

Developed and managed educational programs in alternative energy. Managed grants in access of $500,000 from various agencies.

1980-1982 : Lecturer, Science Writing Program, University of California, Santa Cruz

Developed and taught scientific information management including a component of computer literature searching at the graduate level.


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