Tai Chi Exercises


Stand and Breath

Shift head from side to side with breath

Shift head and hands from front to back

Circle head around, not going too far back

Look back over right and left shoulders

Rotate hips, big circle

Rotate tail bone, small circle

Massage thighs and knees

Rotate knees with hands on knees and relaxed shoulders

Stand on left leg, raise and lower right foot as riding a bicycle

Stand on Right leg, raise and lower left foot as riding a bicycle

Stand on left leg, make circles with right foot

Stand on right leg, make circles with left foot

Shake hands up and down, palms down, palms sideways

Shake legs, arms and shoulders

Shake whole body

Raise hands over head and Throw off energy

Massage back and throw of and stretch left arm up raising right hip and heel, change sides

Bend over and let hands go to floor, sway sideways back and forth, open up with elbows on knees in squating position, put hands on ankles and pull down, grasp knee and pull head toward knee on each side. Repeat

Raise arms to shoulder height and stretch out to each side

Whole body rotate

Side stretch, leaning over to each side with arms out.

Rounded back stretch

Nine pearls breathing


Breathing meditation with arms raised in front as holding large ball

Double ward offs

Foot forward, swing arm up and around

Push hands in flat circle


Finishing movement