NDE urls

Scott's NDE Links
Scott's extensive collection of NDE links

Beyond the Veil
Diane Goble's NDE plus her work with death and dying

Jerry's Christian NDE Home Page
Christian Near-Death Site

NDE, Near Death Experience
Spirit WWW section on NDE's

Art Speaks ~ Andy Lakey
nde inspired angel painting

A Conversation with Dannion Brinkley
interview with Dannion Brinkley

Bardo of Death Studies
Death and Dying Issues - developing site as of 2/96
IANDS NDE description

International Association for Near Death Studies

Ethereal Travel
short consideration of nde as a sort of obe

Out of Body Experience FAQ
extensive OBE FAQ

Out of Body Experiences - FAQ
faq - what are nde's and are they a form of obe?

The Dazzling Dark
John Wren-Lewis experience

Near-Death Experiences and the hyperactive survival drive
perspective on nde by professor John-Wren Lewis
Near Death Experiences: Chapter 3 of *The Natural Death* by John Wren-Lewis

Thoughts on Near Death Experience
Excerpts from Phyllis Atwater, experiencer, author and researcher

A Review of Near Death Experiences
scientific review of nde (to be continued..)

7 In Life After Death
Christian Interpretation - RBC ministries

CIN - Ask Father Mateo, Angels and Near-Daeth Experience
Catholic Information Network letter on NDE and reply

astral projection, OBE and NDE
skeptical considerations of nde

Near Death Experiences
fundamentalist view of nde's

Xapis' HomePages
fundamentalist anti-new age

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