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*Last Update: March 30, 2007*

Please Note:  I have gone media-less as of July 2006.  The Video, Sports and Shows Pages will be updated, but I do not plan on getting any new CDs, analogs or dats

Thanks for visiting my home on the web! 

Above you'll find links to my ANALOG, CD, DAT and VIDEO lists, as well as my WISH list and SPORTS VIDEO list.  Additionally, you will find links to my PUBLICATIONS page, which features the text of my 3 Deadbase reviews and a law journal article I wrote dealing with the Freedom of Information Act, and a list of the SHOWS I have attended since 1990.

My TRADING POLICIES page has detailed information on the way I generally run trades, which mirror the usual "rules of the road."  If you're an experienced trader with the usual preferences, there's really no reason to read it, but if you're not sure, please take a peek as I disclaim responsibility for any trade that deviates from your wishes if you don't tell me you want your trade run differently.  Also, please take a look if you are requesting a B&P.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I aim to please.

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