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This list is not exhaustive, and if you have something crispy that I don't have, I would probably still like to trade for it.  And i'm also looking to "broaden my horizons," so to speak, and get some tapes of artists I don't currently have on my list.  Do you recommend anything?  But you could really make my day if you have HQ tapes of one or more of these shows:

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GRATEFUL DEAD 1976: 6/4 I,6/9 I,9/27 I,10/2
GRATEFUL DEAD 1977: complete 9/28 I, 5/22 and 10/7

GRATEFUL DEAD 1978: 1/15 II,5/6 II,5/9 I,5/10,5/11 I,5/14,
(48)                5/16 I,5/17,7/5,8/30,8/31,9/15 I,11/13,
                    11/23,12/13,12/15,12/16,12/17 I,
                    12/19 I,12/21,12/22,12/27

GRATEFUL DEAD       Gainesville     11/29/80

GRATEFUL DEAD       Oakland         12/31/80 Acoustic set

GRATEFUL DEAD       Cincinnati      6/30/86

GRATEFUL DEAD       Oakland         3/16/88

GRATEFUL DEAD 1991: 9/12 I,9/17,9/21 I, very HQ 8/14/91 II

GRATEFUL DEAD 1992: 2/21,2/22,2/23 II,2/24 II,3/5,3/6,3/8,
(59)                3/11,3/12,3/13,3/16 II,3/17,3/18,
                    3/20 I,3/21 II,3/23,3/24 I,5/20,
                    5/24,5/25 I,5/29 I,6/6,6/8, 6/11,
                    6/12 I,6/14,6/15,6/17,6/18,6/22 I,
                    6/23,12/2,12/3,12/5 I

GRATEFUL DEAD 1993: 3/9,3/14,3/16 I,3/17 I,3/21,3/31,
(21)                4/1 II,4/5,5/15,6/5,6/6,6/15 II

JERRY GARCIA BAND   Warfield        2/26/93  II

JERRY GARCIA BAND   Warfield        4/21/95  II

PHIL & FRIENDS      Summer Sessions '99

PHIL & FRIENDS      Denver          10/21-23/99

RATDOG              Reno            7/24/96

RATDOG              Ft. Collins     7/21,22/00

RATDOG              Albuquerque     3/11/98

RATDOG              Atlanta         3/20/98

MYSTERY BOX         Any SBDs.       --

PHISH               1st or 2nd gen 2/97s I don't have

BRUCE HORNSBY       Louisville      7/6/90

BRUCE HORNSBY       Reno            7/24/96

BRUCE HORNSBY       Yoshi's         10/27/98

BRUCE HORNSBY       Aspen           6/20/99

CHUCK BERRY         Portland        5/28,29/95

MERL SAUNDERS       Live Oak        10/25/97

MERL SAUNDERS       Gainesville     11/28/98

RUSH                Anything good, esp. pre-1982

DAVID MURRAY        Yoshi's         7/6-9/94

WIDESPREAD PANIC    Red Rocks       6/26/99 I

WIDESPREAD PANIC    Red Rocks       6/23,24/00

MOE.                Gainesville     2/15/99

STEVIE NICKS        Anything you got

RARE EARTH          Anything you got

PINK FLOYD          Any reasonably good pre-1972s

ROGER WATERS        7/16/84, 11/7/87 and 1999/2000 tour