The images here and on my home page, as well as those appearing in the head of the PRESED-L and PRESED-X home pages, were created using Fractint an excellent fractal generating program, created by the Sone Soup Group available, free, as frain???.zip (where ???=the latest version) in a number of locations on the net.

To read introductions to fractals, cellular automata, chaos, non-linear dynamics and other complex systems, check out the Australian National University's Complex Systems page.

The above image is a small part of that most protean mathematical figure, the Mandelbrot set. It is centered at x=0.259654160, y=0.001417292601.

The image is calculated using the boundary tracing method. If you want to know what that means you'll have to read the help notes in the program--I don't understand that stuff. What I do know is that you can use boudary tracing to create the nautilus-like lines that makes this image so interesting.