Selections from

Out of the Question
by Robert DeCandido

originally published in the
Conservation Administration News

"Preservation Training for All Librarians." No. 38, October 1989. Why all librarians need preservation training.

"ILL-Fated Books." Nos. 43 and 44, October 1990 and January 1991. Discussion of shipping containers for inter-agency and interlibrary loan, includes cost comparisons for several methods.

"Quis Custodes Ipsos Custodiet?" No. 45, April 1991. Disussion of of microform masters, the quality of their production and the security of their storage; with suggestions about possible means of making them both more reliable and more secure.

"A Brief Panegyric on the Esthetics of Preservation." No. 46, July 1991. Includes "Sonnet 65" by William Shakespeare.

"Insuring Library Items Sent for Treatment" No. 47, October 1991. Explains how to ascertain and evaluate insurance coverage of preservation treatment facilities such as library binders, microfilmers and conservators.

"Night Thoughts and Day Musings." No. 49, April 1992. Unanswered questions meantto be interesting, provoking, amusing.

"Preservation, the Internet and You." No. 52, January 1993. The need for selection in preserving the glut of information available on the internet.

"Scrapbooks, the Smiling Villains." No. 53, April1993. A brief and unofficial history of scrapbooks, their value and their immense preservation problems.

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