Opposites Attract

Here are the Opposites Attract rules by <nightdog>:


Let's assume I am the gamesmaster. A game will consist of seven rounds. In each round, I will say a word. For example, I could say RIGHT.

Each of you e-mails me the word you think is the word's opposite. Some of you might e-mail me WRONG, or MISTAKEN, or perhaps LEFT. The goal is to match as many of your fellow players as possible; the more people you match, the more points you get for that round. Your response may be a multi-word phrase if you like, e.g. TWO WRONGS.

The player or players who matched the fewest other players all score one point. The players who matched the next fewest other players all score two points, the next group all score three points, and so on.

For example, suppose

7 people answer WRONG.
4 people answer MISTAKEN.
2 people answer LEFT.
2 people answer PRIVILEGE.
1 person answers TWO WRONGS.
1 person answers AMENDMENT.
1 person answers READ.

Those who answered TWO WRONGS, AMENDMENT, and READ each score one point. Those who answered LEFT and PRIVILEGE each score two points. Those who answered MISTAKEN each score three points. Those who answered WRONG each score four points. (Notice that everybody always gets at least one point just for responding. Isn't that nice?)


Letter-by-letter exactness (except for case). No exceptions. CAT and CATS are two different responses, so look carefully to see whether the word I gave was DOG or DOGS; it may matter.

The entry may not contain a form of the word, e.g. NOT RIGHT is not an acceptable response for RIGHT, nor is spelling the word backwards, etc.


I'm not going to pick words like RIGHT that have obvious opposites. I'm going to pick words like FIRE and DROOP and BOOK. That's what's going on.


At the end of the game, the scores from the seven rounds will be totalled and the player with the most points will become the new gamesmaster. In the case of a tie, the tying player with the highest word score in the final round shall win. If a tie persists, the next-to-last round is considered, and so on.