Brian's Punk and Hardcore Inventory List

This is my punk and hardcore inventory list. Have fun perusing.

I give serious consideration to "trade requests" so if you see something you're interested in, please send email to For that matter, if you just wanna send me mail to say hello, that's always welcomed too.

Special Note: Due to unforseen circumstances, I am currently NOT considering trade requests.

By the way... if you don't have a copy of the amazing punk rock flyer collection book "Fucked Up + Photocopied...", you should pick up a copy. It's great. Here's a link to Fucked Up + Photocopied: instant art of the punk rock movement. on I always wanted to put a book together JUST LIKE THIS... Looks like someone saved me the trouble.

Also be sure to check out the only website dedicated to The Weirdos on my other site.

V=Vinyl, CD=Compact Disc, Sgl=Single, 12 Sgl=12" Single, MP3=MP3. Everything else should be self-explanatory.

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Artist Title Length Format
4-Skins / Infa Riot Live & Loud LP CD
45 Grave Black Cross, Wax 45 V
7 Seconds Old School LP V
7 Seconds The Crew LP V
7 Seconds Walk Together Rock Together LP V
999 In Case of Emergency LP V
A.D.Z. Where Where You? LP CD
A.P.P.L.E. A Sensitive Fascist is Very Rare 45 V
Abrasive Wheels When the Punks Go Marching In LP V
Action Pact / Dead Man's Shadow The Heathrow Touchdown EP 45 V
Action Pact London Bouncers EP V
Action Pact Question of Choice 45 V
Adicts Songs of Music LP MP3
Adicts Songs of Praise LP MP3
Adicts Twenty-Seven LP MP3
Adolescents Adolescents LP V
Adolescents Balboa Funzone LP MP3
Adolescents Brats In Battalion LP MP3
Adolescents Live 1981 and 1986 LP CD
Adolescents Welcome To Reality EP 45 V
Against All Authority All Fall Down LP CD
Agent Orange Living In Darkness EP V/MP3
All Allroy For President EP V
All Guilty CD Sgl CD
All Mass Nerder LP CD
All Shreen CD Sgl CD
Alternative If They Treat You Like Shit... Act Like Manure LP V
Alternative In Nomine Patri 45 V
Angelic Upstarts 2,000,000 Voices LP V
Angelic Upstarts Live LP V
Angelic Upstarts Out of Control, Shotgun Solution 45 V
Angelic Upstarts Teenage Warning LP V
Angelic Upstarts The Murder of Liddle Towers, Police Oppression 45 V
Angelic Upstarts We Gotta Get Out of This Place, Unsung Heroes Part 11 45 V
Angry Samoans Back From Somoa LP CD
Angry Samoans Inside My Brain LP V
Anti-Flag Terror State LP CD
Anti-Flag Underground Network LP CD
Anti Pasti Best Of LP MP3
Apostles, The / Mob, The Live at the LMC LP V
Atari Teenage Riot Delete Yourself LP MP3
Attak Future Dreams, Murder in the Subway 45 V
Avail One Wrench LP CD
Avail Over The James LP MP3
Avengers Avengers LP V
Avengers Died For Your Sings LP CD
Avengers Thin White Line, Paint It Black 45 V
B.G.K. A Dutch Feast - The Complete Works LP MP3
Bad Brains Bad Brains (ROIR Cassette) LP CD
Bad Brains Black Dots LP CD
Bad Brains God of Love LP CD
Bad Brains I Against I LP V
Bad Brains I And I Survive EP V
Bad Brains Live at Iguanas Tijuana 9/9/89 EP 45 V
Bad Brains Live LP V
Bad Brains Pay To Cum, At The Movies 45 V
Bad Brains Rock For Light LP V
Bad Brains Spirit Electricity LP CD
Bad Religion / Noam Chomsky New World Order - War #1 45 V
Bad Religion Against the Grain LP CD
Bad Religion Back To The Known LP V
Bad Religion Generator LP CD
Bad Religion How Could Hell Be Any Worse? LP V
Bad Religion No Control LP CD
Bad Religion No Control LP V
Bad Religion Recipe For Hate LP CD
Bad Religion Rock-N-Roll, Riding the Storm Out, Johnny B. Good, Louie Louie 45 V
Bad Religion Suffer LP V
Battalion of Saints Second Coming LP MP3
Biafra, Jello / D.O.A. Last Scream of the Missing Neighbor LP CD
Big Boys The Fat Elvis LP CD
Black Flag Damaged LP V
Black Flag Everything Went Black LP MP3
Black Flag I Can See You 12 Sgl V
Black Flag Jealous Again EP V
Black Flag Live 84 LP CD
Black Flag My War LP CD
Black Flag Six Pack, I've Heard It Before, American Waste 45 V
Black Flag Slip It In LP CD
Black Flag TV Party, I've Got To Run, My Rules 45 V
Black Flag The First Four Years LP CD
Black Flag The Process of Weeding Out EP V
Bl'ast Power of Expression LP MP3
Blitz All Out Attack EP 45 V
Blitz Voice of a Generation LP V
Blyth Power Up From The Country 12 Sgl V
Brat, The Attitude EP V
Broken Bones Bonecrusher LP V
Broken Bones Death Is Imminent LP MP3
Business, The 1979 - 1989 LP CD
Business, The Death II Dance LP CD
Business, The Saturday's Heroes LP CD
Business, The Suburban Rebels LP V
Business, The The Truth The Whole Truth LP CD
Butthole Surfers Locust Abortion Technician LP V
Butthole Surfers Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac LP V
Butthole Surfers Rembrandt Pussyhorse LP V
Buzzcocks Another Music In A Different Kitchen LP MP3
Buzzcocks From Here and There LP MP3
Buzzcocks Love Bites LP MP3
Buzzcocks Singles Going Steady LP MP3
Buzzcocks Spiral Scratch LP MP3
Buzzcocks Times Up LP MP3
Buzzcocks Trade Test Transmissions LP MP3
CH3 Fear of Life LP V
CH3 I've Got a Gun, Manzanar, Mannequin 45 V
Captain Sensible Croydon, Jimi Hendrix's Strat 45 V
Captain Sensible I'm a Spider, Women Sago 45 V
Captain Sensible The Universe of Geoffrey Brown LP CD
Captain Sensible Women And Captains First LP V
Chaotic Dischord Fuck Religion Fuck Politics Fuck the Lot of You! LP V
Chaotic Dischord Live in New York LP V
China White Addiction LP CD
China White Dangerzone LP V
Chron Gen Chron Gen Live LP V
Chron Gen Chronic Generation LP V
Chron Gen Free Live EP 45 V
Chron Gen Outlaw 45 V
Chron Gen Puppets of War EP 45 V
Circle Jerks Gig LP CD
Circle Jerks Group Sex/Wild in the Streets LP CD
Circle Jerks Group Sex LP V
Citizen Fish Disposable Dream, Flesh and Blood II 45 V
Citizen Fish Flinch LP CD
Citizen Fish Flinch LP CD
Citizen Fish Free Souls in a Trapped Environment LP CD
Citizen Fish Millenia Madness LP CD
Citizen Fish TV Dinner, Half Way There 45 V
Citizen Fish Thirst LP V
Citizen Fish Wider Than a Postcard LP CD
Clash, The Live Acoustic LP MP3
Clash, The Black Market Clash EP V
Cockney Rejects Bubbles 45 V
Cockney Rejects Easy Life, Motorhead, Hang Em High 45 V
Cockney Rejects Greatest Hits Vol. 1 LP V/MP3
Cockney Rejects Greatest Hits Vol. 2 LP V/MP3
Cockney Rejects Greatest Hits Vol. 3 LP V/MP3
Cockney Rejects On the Streets Again 45 V
Cockney Rejects Quiet Storm LP V
Cockney Rejects The Power and the Glory LP V/MP3
Cockney Rejects The Wild Ones LP V
Cockney Rejects Unheard Rejects LP V
Cockney Rejects We Are the Firm LP V
Conflict It's Time To See Who's Who LP V
Conflict The Ungovernable Force LP V
Conflict This Is Not Enough Stand Up And Fucking Fight 45 V
Corrosion of Conformity Technocracy EP CD
Corrosion of Conformity Vote With a Bullet EP CD
Cramps, The Gravest Hits LP V
Cramps, The Songs The Lord Taught Us LP V/MP3
Cramps, The The Crusher 12 Sgl V
Cramps Googoo Muck 45 V
Crass Bloody Revolutions 45 V
Crass Christ-The Album LP V
Crass Feeding of the 5,000 LP V
Crass How Does It Feel? 45 V
Crass Nagasaki Nightmare, Big A Little A 45 V
Crass Penis Envy LP V
Crass Stations of the Crass LP V/MP3
Crucifix Dehumanization LP MP3
Crucifucks, The Wisconsin LP V
Crucifucks, The Our Will Be Done LP MP3
Culture Shock Go Wild LP V
Culture Shock Onwards and Upwards LP CD
D.O.A. / Biafra, Jello Last Scream of the Missing Neighbor LP CD
D.O.A. 13 Flavours of Doom LP CD
D.O.A. Bloodied But Unbowed LP V
D.O.A. Don't Turn Your Back (On Desperate Times) EP V
D.O.A. Festival of Atheists LP CD
D.O.A. Greatest Shits LP CD
D.O.A. Hardcore '81 LP MP3
D.O.A. It's Not Unusual... But it Sure is Ugly CD Sgl CD
D.O.A. Live - Triumph of the Ignoroids EP V
D.O.A. Loggerheads LP CD
D.O.A. Murder LP V
D.O.A. Right To Be Wild (Burn It Down, Fuck You) 45 V
D.O.A. Royal Police, Woke Up Screaming, Nazi Training Camp, Disco Sucks 45 V
D.O.A. Talk Minus Action Equals Zero LP CD
D.O.A. The Black Spot LP CD
D.O.A. The Only Thing Green, Folsom Prison Blues 45 V
D.O.A. True (North) Strong and Free LP V
D.O.A. War On 45 EP V
Doctor Know Best Of LP MP3
D.R.I. Dirty Rotten LP LP V
Damned, The Damned Damned Damned LP V
Damned, The Stawberries LP V
Damned, The The Black Album LP V
Danzig Danzig LP CD
Day Glo Abortions Holy Shiite LP MP3
Dead Boys Younger, Louder, Snottier LP MP3
Dead Kennedys Bedtime for Democracy LP MP3
Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist LP MP3
Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables LP V/MP3
Dead Kennedys Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death LP MP3
Dead Kennedys Holiday in Cambodia 12 Sgl V
Dead Kennedys In God We Trust Inc. LP MP3
Dead Kennedys Kill the Poor 45 V
Dead Kennedys Mutiny On The Bay LP MP3
Dead Kennedys Plastic Surgery... LP MP3
Dead Man's Shadow / Action Pact The Heathrow Touchdown EP 45 V
Dehumanized Classified 45 V
Demob No Room For You, Think Straight, New Breed 45 V
Descendents All LP CD
Descendents Cool To Be You LP CD
Descendents Everything Sucks LP CD
Descendents Hallraker LP CD
Descendents I Don't Wanna Grow Up LP V/MP3
Descendents Liveage LP CD
Descendents Milo Goes To College LP V
Descendents Two Things at Once (Milo Goes to College and Fat) LP CD
Dickies, The Dawn of the Dickies LP V
Dickies, The Incredible Shrinking Dickies LP V
Dickies, The Live in London (Locked & Loaded 1990) LP CD
Dickies, The Stukas Over Disneyland EP V
Dickies Banana Splits, Hideous, Got It At The Store 45 V
Dickies Gigantor,Bowling with Bedrock Barney 45 V
Dickies Silent Night, Sounds of Silence 45 V
Discharge Fight Back, War's No Fairy Tale 45 V
Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing LP V
Discharge Never Again, Death Dealers 45 V
Discharge Never Again LP V
Discharge State Violence State Control, Doom's Day 45 V
Discharge War Is Hell LP MP3
Discharge Why EP V
Eddie and the Subtitles Fuck You Eddie (Louie Louie, American Society) 45 V
Eddie and the Subtitles Skeletons In The Closet LP MP3
English Dogs Forward Into Battle LP V
Exploited, The Punk's Not Dead LP MP3
Fall, The 77-Early Years-79 LP V
Fall, The Dragnet LP V
Fall, The Room to Live LP V
False Prophets Implosion LP V
Fear Fenders '85 LP MP3
Fear Have Another Beer With Fear LP MP3
Fear Live For The Record LP MP3
Fleasheaters A Minute to Pray A Second to Die LP V
Flipper Album LP V
Flipper Get Away, The Old Lady That Swallowed a Fly 45 V
Flipper Love Canal, Ha Ha Ha 45 V
Flipper Sex Bomb, Brainwash 45 V
Flux of Pink Indians Neu Smell + Taking a Liberty EP V
Flux of Pink Indians Neu Smell EP 45 V
Flux of Pink Indians Taking a Liberty EP 45 V
Flux of Pink Indians The Fucking Pricks Treat Us Like Cunts LP V
G.B.H. City Baby Attacked By Rats LP V
G.B.H. City Babys Revenge LP V
G.B.H. Do What You Do 12 Sgl V
G.B.H. From Here to Reality LP CD
G.B.H. Give Me Fire, Man Trap 45 V
G.B.H. Leather, Bristles, No Survivors, and Sick Boys LP CD
G.B.H. Midnight Madness and Beyond LP V
G.B.H. No Need to Panic LP CD
G.B.H. No Survivors LP MP3
G.B.H. Oh No It's GBH Again LP V
G.B.H. Sick Boy, Am I Dead Yet?, Slit Your Own Throat 45 V
G.B.H. The Clay Years LP V
Gauze Equalizing Distort (partial) LP MP3
Gauze Fuck Heads (partial) LP MP3
Gears, The Rockin' At Ground Zero LP V
Generation X Generation X LP V
Germs, The GI LP V
Germs, the Live, Forming 45 V
Good Riddance Ballads fromt he Revolution LP CD
Good Riddance Operation Phoenix LP CD
Green Day Dookie LP CD
Green Day Nimrod LP MP3
HR It's About Love EP V
Hi-Standard Making The Road LP CD
Hua Sipungo Tiempos De Miseria Y Lucha 45 V
Huggy Bear Weaponry Listens to Love LP CD
If-Then-Else Warhead (Dix and John Denney) EP V
Infa Riot / 4-Skins Live & Loud LP CD
Insane, the El Salvador, Chinese Rocks, Nuclear War 45 V
Insane, the Why Die!, War & Violence 45 V
Instigators Nobody Listens Anymore LP V
J.F.A. Live 1984 Tour LP V
Jalla Jalla Snowmans Land LP CD
Jawbox Grippe LP CD
Jawbox Novelty LP CD
Jerry's Kids Is This My World (1984) LP MP3
Joneses Criminal History LP MP3
Joy Killer, The The Joy Killer LP CD
KTMK Seitsemas Pasuuna LP V
Killroy Believe In The Ruins EP V
L.A.'s Wasted Youth L.A.'s Wasted Youth LP V
Leftover Crack Fuck World Trade LP MP3
Leftover Crack Rock the 49oz LP MP3
M.D.C. Millions of Dead Cops LP V
M.D.C. More Dead Cops LP V
M.D.C. Smoke Signals LP V
Mad Society Riot Squad, Skitz, Napalm, Termanally (sic), Little Devil 45 V
Minor Threat Minor Threat LP V
Minor Threat Out of Step EP V
Minor Threat Salad Days, Stumped, Good Guys 45 V
Minuteflag Minuteflag EP V
Minutemen, The Ballot Result LP V
Minutemen, The Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat LP V
Minutemen, The Double Nickels on the Dime LP V
Minutemen, The Project Mersh LP V
Minutemen, The The Politics of Time LP V
Minutemen, The What Makes a Man Start Fires? LP V
Minutemen, The What's The Verb Behind It All? (Live @ UCLA 1984) LP MP3/Cass.
Minutemen Double Nickels on the Dime LP CD
Minutemen Post-Mersh Vol I (The Punch Line + What Makes a Man Start Fires?) LP CD
Minutemen Three Way Tie For Last LP CD
Misfits, The Die Die My Darling EP V
Misfits, The Earth A.D./Wolfblood LP V
Misfits, The Legacy of Brutality LP V
Misfits, The The Misfits LP V
Misfits, The Walk Among Us LP V/MP3
Misfits Return of the Fly, Cough Cool, She 45 V
Mob, The / Apostles, The Live at the LMC LP V
Mob, the The Mirror Breaks, Stay 45 V
NOFX I Hear They Suck Live LP MP3
NOFX The Decline EP CD
NOFX White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean LP CD
Necros, The Sex Drive LP MP3
Neurotics, The Kick Starting a Backfiring Nation LP V
Newtown Neurotics Punk Collection LP MP3
Newtown Neurotics Beggars Can Be Choosers LP V
Noam Chomsky / Bad Religion New World Order - War #1 45 V
Nomeansno Live And Cuddly LP MP3
Nomeansno Wrong LP CD
Nomeansno You Kill Me EP V
One Way System Visions of Angels EP (Children of the Night, Down, Shine Again) 45 V
One Way System Waiting For Zero LP MP3
Operation Ivy Operation Ivy (Energy, Hectic, Turn It Around) LP CD
Partisans, The Idiot Nation LP MP3
Partisans, The The Time Was Right LP V
Partisans, the Blind Ambition, Come Clean, Change 45 V
Pelle Miljoona Meilla Menge Lujaa LP V
Poison Girls Total Exposure LP V
Ramones Leave Home LP MP3
Raw Power Live From The Gutter LP CD
Raw Power Screams from the Gutter LP V/MP3
Reagan Youth Live and Rare LP CD
Red Alert In Britain, Screaming at the Nation, Murder Missle 45 V
Red Alert We've Got the Power LP V
Red Kross Born Innocent LP CD
Rudimentary Peni Archaic LP MP3
Rudimentary Peni Death Church LP V
Rudimentary Peni Echoes of Anguish LP MP3
Rudimentary Peni EPs LP MP3
Rudimentary Peni Farce EP 45 V
Rudimentary Peni Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric LP CD
Rudimentary Peni Rudimentary Peni EP 45 V
S.N.F.U. ...And No One Else Wanted to Play LP V/MP3
S.N.F.U. If You Swear You'll Catch No Fish LP MP3
Samhain Initium LP V
Schwartzeneggar Take Your Elbows off the Table, Today 45 V
Screeching Weasel ... LP MP3
Sears, The If Only... LP V
Sex Pistols Live, Happy New Year Mr. Harris LP MP3
Sex Pistols Better Live Than Dead LP V
Sex Pistols Jubilee LP MP3
Sex Pistols Live - Happy New Year Mr. Harris LP MP3
Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bullocks Here's The Sex Pistols LP CD
Sex Pistols Welcome to the Rodeo LP V
Sham 69 Angels with Dirty Faces 12 Sgl V
Sham 69 Angels with Dirty Faces LP V
Sham 69 Tell Us the Truth LP V
Sham 69 Tell the Children, Jack 45 V
Sham 69 That's Life LP V
Sham 69 That's Live LP V
Sham 69 The Game LP V
Sham 69 You're a Better Man Than I, Give a Dog a Bone 45 V
Sielun Veljet Kukateki Huorin LP V
Sin34 Die Laughing EP 45 V
Siouxsie & The Banshees Juju LP V
Social Distortion 1945 EP V
Social Distortion Live 1984 LP MP3
Social Distortion Live at the Roxy LP CD
Social Distortion Mommy's Little Monster LP V
Social Distortion Prison Bound LP V
Social Unrest Rat In A Maze LP V
Spazz Floor Split LP MP3
Spazz Rupture Split LP MP3
Spazz Slap A Ham LP MP3
Spazz Tastin Spoon LP MP3
Splodgeness Abounds The Artful Splodger LP MP3
Stiff Little Fingers All the Best LP V
Stiff Little Fingers Flags & Emblems LP CD
Stiff Little Fingers Get a Life, Harp, Tin Soldiers 45 V
Stiff Little Fingers Go For It LP V
Stiff Little Fingers Gotta Gettaway, Bloody Sunday 45 V
Stiff Little Fingers Guitar And Drum LP MP3
Stiff Little Fingers Hanx! LP V
Stiff Little Fingers Inflammable Material LP V/MP3
Stiff Little Fingers Live and Loud LP V
Stiff Little Fingers Live In A Sao Paulo Hangar LP MP3
Stiff Little Fingers Live in Sweden LP CD
Stiff Little Fingers No Sleep Til Belfast LP V
Stiff Little Fingers Now Then... LP V
Stiff Little Fingers Stand Up And Shout LP MP3
Stupids, The Retard Picnic LP CD
Subhumans (Canada) Incorrect Thoughts LP V
Subhumans 2929 Split Vision EP V
Subhumans Demolition War EP 45 V
Subhumans EP-LP LP CD
Subhumans EPLP LP V
Subhumans Evolution EP 45 V
Subhumans From the Cradle to the Grave LP V
Subhumans Live In Bristol LP MP3
Subhumans Rats EP 45 V
Subhumans The Day the Country Died LP V/MP3
Subhumans Time Flies + Rats LP CD
Subhumans Time Flies But Aeroplanes Crash EP V
Subhumans Unfinished Business LP CD
Subhumans World's Apart LP V
Subhumans World's Apart LP V
Subhumans Worlds Apart LP CD
Swinging Utters A Juvenile Product of the Working Class LP V
Swinging Utters Five Lessons Learned LP CD
Swinging Utters The Streets of San Francisco LP CD
System, the Is Murder EP 45 V
T.S.O.L. Dance With Me LP V/MP3
T.S.O.L. Live '91 LP MP3
The Damned Neat Neat Neat 45 V
Tilt Collect 'Em All LP CD
Tilt Til It Kills LP CD
Tilt Viewers Like You LP CD
Toxic Reasons Independence . .
Toxic Reasons Within These Walls . .
Toy Dolls Dig That Groove Baby LP V/MP3
Twisted Roots Pretentia What, Mommy's Always Busy, The Yellow One 45 V
UK Subs A.W.O.L. LP V
UK Subs Diminished Capacity LP V
UK Subs Huntington Beach LP V
UK Subs Left For Dead LP CD
UK Subs This Gun Says, Speak For Myself, Wanted 45 V
UXA (Split single with Corrupted Ideals, Stitches) 45 V
Union13 Why Are We Destroying Ourselves? LP CD
Unproud Starved & Delirious EP 45 V
V/A 1976 - 1979 Box Set 5 CD LP MP3
V/A A Sides LP CD
V/A All For One One For All LP MP3
V/A At War With Society LP CD
V/A Bullshit Detector LP V
V/A Flipside Vinyl Fanzines, Assorted LP MP3
V/A Future Looks Bright LP MP3
V/A Future Looks Brighter LP MP3
V/A Hell Comes To Your House LP MP3
V/A Killed By Death Vol 2 LP MP3
V/A Killed By Death Vol 5 LP MP3
V/A Killed By Death Vol 6 LP MP3
V/A Killed By Death Vol 22 LP MP3
V/A Maggie Maggie Maggie Out! Out! Out! LP V
V/A Oi! The Album LP V
V/A Oi! Chartbusters Vol. 1 and 2 LP MP3
V/A Our Band Could Be Your Live (Minutemen Tribute) LP CD
V/A Propaganda Live LP V
V/A Public Service LP V
V/A Punk & Disorderly LP V
V/A Rat Music For Rat People Vol 2 LP V
V/A Rat Music For Rat People LP V
V/A Rock Against Bush 2 LP MP3
V/A Shit Factory LP MP3
V/A Short Music For Short People LP CD
V/A Someone Got Their Head Kicked In LP V
V/A The Decline of Western Civilization LP V
V/A Total Noise #1 (Business, Gonads, Blitz, Dead Generation) 45 V
V/A Wessex 82 (Pagans, Subhumans, A Heads, Organized Chaos) 45 V
V/A Who Cares LP MP3
Vandals, The Peace Through Vandalism LP MP3
Vice Squad Black Sheep LP V
Vice Squad No Cause for Concern LP V
Victim's Family The Germ LP CD
Victim's Family Live LP MP3
Victim's Family Voltage and Violence LP V
Watt, Mike Ball Hog or Tug Boat LP V
Weirdos Action-Design EP EP V/MP3
Weirdos Condor LP CD
Weirdos Destroy All Music, Why Do You Exist?, Life of Crime 45 V
Weirdos Weird World Vol 1 LP CD
Weirdos Who? What? Where? When? Why? LP V
X Los Angeles LP MP3
Youth Brigade Come Again LP V
Youth Brigade Sound and Fury LP V
Zero Hour Zero Hour EP 45 V
Zounds Can't Cheat Karma, War, Subvert 45 V
Zounds La Vache Qui Rit (Not Me, Biafra, Fear, Wolves) 45 V
Zounds The Curse of Zounds LP V