Article 427 of alt.cyberspace:
Newsgroups: alt.cyberspace
From: (John Quarterman)
Subject: Cultures in Cyberspace
Organization: Matrix, Inc., Austin, Texas
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1992 16:51:19 GMT
Here's a discussion looking for a home. The idea is to have
the discussion involving USENET itself in alt.cyberspace,
and the summaries of what's been said in various forums in
alt.isea. The discussion is supposed to start 2 November
(Monday) and run up to and through a conference in Sydney
they following week. Sort of international performance art.

Just to make it more amusing, my contributions will be coming from
Italy for the next week. Anna Couey conned me into this by saying
I could put "artist" on my resume....


John S. Quarterman
Matrix Information and Directory Services, Inc. (MIDS)
fax: +1-512-450-1436
1106 Clayton Lane, Suite 500W
Austin, TX 78723


You are invited to participate in...

Cultures in Cyberspace, a virtual panel on the development and
impact of artistic and cultural activity on computer networks.
Cultures in Cyberspace is organized on the occasion of Third
International Symposium on Electronic Art (TISEA), held in
Sydney, Australia, Nov 9-13, 1992.

Cultures in Cyberspace proposes to discuss and address:
* creative expression and cultural identity online
* access to cyberspace for artists and the public
* the impact of cyberspace on distinct cultural groups,
and vice versa.

You are encouraged to add to this list!

Cultures in Cyberspace is an open participation panel
taking place in and among 5 online communities:

American Indian Telecommunication/Dakota BBS (USA)
ArtsNet (Pegasus, Australia)
Arts Wire (The Meta Net, USA)
USENET (International)

Your responses to this discussion will be distributed via USENET
to all other sites. By participating in this panel, you hereby
grant permission for your words to be electronically redistributed
to other panel sites.

Cultures in Cyberspace is organized by Anna Couey in collaboration
with George Baldwin, Phillip Bannigan, Anne Fallis, Sue Harris,
Judy Malloy, Joe Matuzak, John S. Quarterman, Randy Ross, and
Eric S. Theise.


Article 431 of alt.cyberspace:
Organization: The American University - University Computing Center
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1992 20:42:20 EST
From: <>
Newsgroups: alt.cyberspace
Subject: Re: Cultures in Cyberspace

I think the idea is perfect. The best home for a discussion of USENET is here.
This is where we are forming the leadership of the next revolution. I'm in

Danny Rasch

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