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After being separated/divorced for more than a few years, I had about given up on ever having a new relationship. Around the 4th of July, I went to church on Sunday at Queen of Apostles Community and sat in a different section that I usually sit. I happened to sit behind an acquaintence who asked me if I would like to attend a 4th of July Gourmet picnic at her house. I said: "Great". At the party, I was sitting in a circle and somehow the discussion turned to who was the oldest person at the picnic. I was sitting directly across from an attractive , diminutive blonde named Vicky Turner who insisted that she was the oldest person at the picnic. As it turned out, she was three weeks older than me. From this chance discussion, we learned that we had grown up a few blocks from each other and had graduated from high school in the same year from the local Catholic High Schools (back when the schools were segregated by sex).

We also learned many other things about each other in a short time. We had a lot of similar interests. We each had three children, were interested in running, and had recently returned to the Catholic Church after not attending for many years. To make a long story a little shorter, we have developed a wonderful relationship (been dating, going out, whatever) ever since then. So it is definitely possible for a chance encounter to lead to


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