Imagining the Information Age: Stories/Visions

In the future; Well, it's really going to be sooo great! I mean, no one will ever read books again. Can you imagine it? No books? No boring stuff like what we used to get at school and stuff? Of course, I suppose some people will still want to do that stuff, but they're *boring*!

OK, I suppose that the best thing is that we won't have to go out anymore- we can just stay in and do everything at home, and not need to, like, put up with boring people, or boring stuff like that.

Someone I know used to walk a lot in the city, even though people said it was filled with muggers and low-lifes, and drug addicts. He said to me that it was the only way he could see to keep in touch with things; Weird!

Anyway, he walks around and stuff and sees all this shit, and keeps getting stopped by the cops and stuff. In the future this will never happen. You'll never need to go out and do all that shit. Probably, it'll be, like, *illegal* or something.

He says, what about reality, and he sounded, like *upset* and stuff.

I say, reality sucks.

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