Christopher S. Sherbak

934 E. Prairie Ave. Res. Tel. (847) 768-1016

Chicago, IL 60647 Bus. Tel. (312) 466-7948

Employment History

Trans Union Corporation, Chicago, IL 1994 - Present

Technical Specialist - Marketing Services


First of America Bank Corporation, Kalamazoo, MI 1986 - 1994

Senior Application Specialist - Government Services

Chief Technologist - Development Center

Application Specialist - Distributed Systems

First National Bank of Chicago, Chicago, IL 1981 - 1986

Senior Programmer - Retail Banking

Bank of America, San Francisco, CA 1976 - 1981

Programmer - Trust Department

Utility Clerk - Pasadena Card Center


B.A., University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Mathematics, June, 1979

Language Experience

PL/1, COBOL UCLA, 1979

COBOL, TRILOG, Nomad Bank of America, 1979-1981

PL/1, COBOL, SAS, BAL, ISPF Dialog Manager First Chicago, 1981-1986

COBOL, PL/1, SAS, CA-Roscoe/RPF, CA-EARL, CA-Easytrieve, CSP, CA-Clipper, R&R FOA, 1986-1991

COBOL, SAS, CA-Easytrieve, C, C++, Java, Ruby, Python, Bash, Korn, REXX, CLIST TransUnion, 1991-present

Technical Experience


Mainframe: IBM 370, 3033, 3081, 3084, 3090

Fault Tolerant: Stratus

PC: Apple Mac, Lisa; Imsai 8080; IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2; NCR 6454, 3345; various clones


Mainframe: MVS, DOS/VSE, ESA, VM/CMS

Fault Tolerant: VOS

PC:Finder, Lisa OS, CP/M, MDOS/DOS/DR-DOS, OS/2, Linux, AIX, Windows

Development Tools: PDF/ISPF, SDSF, IOF, Roscoe, PanEdit, Panvalet, FileAid, AbendAid, CA-Netman, CA-1, CA-7, CA-11, CA-Librarian, SyncSort, Express Delivery/SAR, EasyCASE, Stage, CA-SuperProject, TimeLine, OnTime, ADS Diagrammer, MS-Visio, MS-Word, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, Excel

Networks/TP: VTAM, CICS, Appletalk, Netware

Databases: IMS/DB, DB2, CA-Universe, dBase III/IV, CA-Clipper, Smart