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Robert(20) asks:

:My name is Robert. I need to know does your nose grow during all your
:lifetime. I'm 20 and could not face life if my nose was any bigger. I
:here it gets bigger when you get old and grey. I need help. It's making
:my life a misery. I have no-one else to turn too. Please help.
:Robert(20) Dear Robert:

I checked with a Professional Doctor type person, and she told me that your nasal fears are unfounded. The nose you have now is pretty much the nose you will stick with. Now, it's true that blood vessels in _some_ people's noses get a little inflamed when they are older, causing the nose to swell a bit. But we will be dead of an environmental holocaust by then, so don't worry.

auntie cynsa

casca@lysator.liu.se Bjorn Svensson asks:

:Dear Cynsa!
:I'm a 34 years old swedish man, who have some problems with girls.
:I'm good looking (looks like Jake in M.P.) have a nice job (prof.
:programmer) and very well in the bed. Why doesn't girls fancy me?
:Love Bjorn

Dear Bjorn:

I have found, as a woman, that I am very intimidated by good-looking men with accents. They make me want to hide under peatmoss until their golden auras have passed. If you really want to get it on with all the babes, the first thing you have to do is get rid of your charming accent. Then the dimples. Maybe change your name to "Guido" and pick up a hideous scar or two.

Before you know it, the gals will be SCREAMING at your door.

Ever yrs, with luv n kisses and such,
Auntie Cynsa

From jeffreyp@well.com:
"my younger sister used to have this thing with cherry pits. She jammed 'em up her nose every chance she got until she was about five. Do you have any explanation/reason behind this? None of the men I've ever known have had such an urge; could it be a male/female thing? And why noses and not ears, for example?"


Dear Cherry Pits:

I think it's easily explained. At some point in a woman's life she feels a compulsion to stick a small object up her nose. Reverse psychology reinforces the urge, leading to what we like to call "Nasal-object Syndrome."

Why the nose? you may well ask. Well, I think we all know of the psycho-sinus connection between the nostrils and the sexual organs. Haven't we all, at one time or another, felt an overwhelming attraction for cyrano de bergerac?

luv n kisses,
auntie cynsa

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