History of the Butt Piece

In 1990, Mr. Paul R. Spinrad of Redwood City, California, commenced work on a project of epic proportions--an important tome to be entitled The Big Book of Bodily Functions, later released as The RE/Search Guide to Bodily Fluids. In his research for material to be used in this meisterwurg, he encountered mention of an article in Surgery Magazine, entitled "Rectal Foreign Bodies." Intrigued, he dug through back issues of the magazine until he had unearthed the fascinating piece you have just read.

Unfortunately, said piece was inappropriate for his book, for hardly a mention of bodily functions, per se, is made in the piece. However, he passed it on to me, whom he knew would be muchly amused by it. I was. So much so, that I incorporated it into my menu-driven .plan file, for the enjoyment of all who cared to access it.

Cut to three months later. I had noticed that interest in the article came in surges. Following one such surge, I received email from my friend Patrick DiJusto, a man who typically rec'd a great many interesting articles from a variety of sources and was in a habit of then passing them on. Patrick emailed me a copy of the very article, sent to him by a friend of his in Norway. Yes, the Things People Have Put Up Their Butts article had made it all the way to Norway and back, a prodigious feat for such a small item.

Since that time, I have received countless pieces of mail thanking me for making this and other such a tasty items available, but all credit belongs to my friend Paul Spinrad and viewers like you, who make the daily effort to pass on the Word. In addition, there have been made countless additions to the butt page through the careful research and scanning prowess of nurses, doctors and med students who enjoyed the page so much they wished to contribute. Since they are the ones with real access to medical libraries and searchable catalogues, they have truly been a tremendous help in adding depth to this site. Most especially I thank Mark Slater Wiley, Thomas Comegys, and Kelvin Lau.

"Information wants to be FREE!"



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