The Recurrent Problem of Chafing

From: Dr Andrew P McMillan - University of Glasgow, Scotland
Subject: The recurrent problem of chafing, as a direct result of fabric-to-butt contact

Dear cynsa,
I have read - with great interest - the information on this page. It is all terribly informative. Here in Britain, we are currently researching the phenomenon of chafing. I have found that there is no quick cure to the problem, other than total removal of underwear. A bold step, yes, but necessary. Contact between buns and fabric only tends to become troublesome when layering is involved, i.e. when more than one garment is involved around the butt area.

However, a recent census has suggested that (here in Scotland at least) the population is reluctant to shed underwear due to climactic conditions. We live in a country where "mistybutt" is commonplace, for example. If, then, panties or boxer shorts etc MUST be worn, I would suggest the following:

  1. Liberal application of lubricant to the butt. Natural fats are a good bet.
  2. Avoid underwear with an inbuilt tendency to ride up the butt cleft. i.e. thongs, g-strings
  3. When out and about, try to remember any dark corners/alleyways etc. These are essential if emergency scratching is to be avoided in public places.
I hope these tips will be of some help to your readers, many of whom may suffer what is now becoming known (in medical circles) as "scarlet cleft syndrome" or SCS.

Dr Andrew McMillan

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