Computer Tutorial: Tools & Techniques Spring 2000 Wednesday evenings

January 19


My history woven in with the history of the field

Your existing expertise, interests and expectations,

and non-negotiable demands

What is Hardware?

January 26

Antique real-time analog systems

Sandin IP


Antique digital real-time systems

Panasonic switcher


Emulations of old real-time systems

Rocky’s Boots/Little Computer People



February 2

Uses for QuickTime, Video and Audio

Raw simplified Premiere, Final Cut

Raw simplified SoundEdit16

February 9

QuickTime as semi-real video

More Premiere, Final Cut and After Effects details

Small Assignment Due

Tiny QuickTime/Video play

with DV or still video or scanned 'characters'

February 16

Text editors

Image capture tools

Scanners - Flatbed and Film

Still video capture, Digital Cameras

Image creation tools




Image manipulation tools



February 23

Basic Web publishing


Simple integrated Web tools


MicroAssignment Due

Find a defensibly simple and elegant web page

write commentary or parody

March 1

Realtime elements on the Web

Highly compressed Video and Audio

Shockwave, Flash, Fireworks

Java, Javascript, DHTML

March 8

High level Web tools

GoLive, Dreamweaver

Assignment Due

A personal Web page, if your first

Some new trick or ongoing content, if already web-published

March 15

Spring Break (or is it the week before?)

March 22

Scripting and other programming



Lingo in Director


March 29

Non-traditional Director Input and Output

Hardware interfaces -ADB


Assignment Due

Define a final project such as:

Interactive performance

Multiple QuickTime composition

Suite of pictures

Daily changing website

Apri1 5

More Midi

As, music, as a control stream

more Max, its relationship to analog realtime synthesis


April 12

Develop final projects

April 19

Assignment Due

First attempt to present final projects

April 26

Assignment Due

Last chance for fine-tuned final projects

May 3

Assignment Due

REALLY the last chance for fine-tuned final projects

Don Day

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some part of one of these assignments should be sent to me via email

My internet email addresses:


My funky web page:

My blank domain:

Recommended manuals:

Premiere Quickstart, Peachpit Press (publisher)

Director Demystified, Jason Roberts

HTML the definitive guide, O’Reilly (publisher)

Recommended removable media:

One or more ZIP disks

for relatively cheap rewriteable bulk, DVD RAM disks

for very cheap, write-once, ultimately exchangeable bulk

recordable CDROM

for DV QuickTime, DV tapes (tapes CAN be digital)

Recommended Books:

In the Beginning was the Command Line, Neal Stephenson

Computers as Theater, Brenda Laurel

Silicon Snake Oil, Clifford Stoll

Digital Mantras, Steven Holtzman

Artificial Reality, Myron Kreuger

Literary Machines, Ted Nelson