I believe that masochists/bottoms/submissives can be punished using spankings for real life stuff and that the spankings/punishments will work as a deterrent.

I love confession.

I like the fact that there are punishments along with the spankings, and the punishment lasts all week. The punishment isn't erotic in and of itself. Often it involves apologizing. Once I had to be at work exactly on time or early and I couldn't leave early all week. That was because I had been coming in to work later and later. The punishments are always suited to the sin they are expiating, and they have never been severe or excessive. They remind me through the week like looking at bruises. Getting to work on time was one of the hardest. I confess at night and then get paddled in the morning, so there's that waiting time. The paddling in the morning is usually under 10 strokes, though they always land right on top of each other, and they hurt mostly, I think, because of how sudden they are, not because they are super hard strokes. We always use my punishment stick and I get one smack on the weeks when I've been good and have nothing to confess.

I like how real it all is. I do confess things I wish I hadn't done, and the punishments do change my behavior. The punishments are never mean-spirited, even if they are occasionally difficult. Sometimes I even manage to think, before I do something, do I want to confess this, and since I don't, then I don't do it. I don't feel any sense of diminished responsibility, if anything, I feel more responsible. I also feel trusted. When I confessed not flossing as often as I wanted to, or felt I should, I had to floss once a day, and save the floss and bring it with me to the next confession. That wasn't to check up on me, or at least I didn't feel that way, it was more about remembering what I was suppose to be focusing on. I like the sense of structure the punishments give, but I'm also glad they only last a week. A week seem just perfect for making me not want to go through another week like that, but at the same time not altering my life so much to make me miserable. My punishment is assigned, and then I'm trusted to complete it.