tease, tease, pretty please.

Charles picks me up and takes me to a party which was like one long sweet tease. First, he mixes J-lube up, but then we can't play with it. I watch him stir up lube for a good long time. People take out floggers, and say, mine is thicker than yours, and test their floggers out, but nobody actually flogs each other. A well secured chain hangs from the ceiling, at just the right height, and I reach up and hold on to it. I flirt.

It is crowded, lots of pretty girls in small black leather dresses, lots of femme flirt energy.I am wearing a shirt, skirt and shoes and nothing else, and would like nothing better than to take this clothing off. Charles reaches up under my skirt to wipe the lube off his hand, but since this doesn't make his hand any drier, he goes and washes his hand off.

I meet the bugboys in the kitchen. Charles takes out his signal whip and I say where do you want me. Greedy little girl, but its not my birthday, so I don't get whipped.

We leave.

And come back here and mix up more jlube. I put a towel down on the bed, and we flirt and smile and kiss and turn on the light. I pull my cunt lips open and Charles starts playing, sliding fingers in and out, more and more fingers, sometimes it hurts and I'm supposed to say so, but I just want to push past this hurt. I want his fist inside me. Greedy little girl again.

We play this way for awhile and then he starts putting fingers elsewhere. I feel shy about this, even though I think, I shouldn't feel shy, I still do. Nice girls don't do this we say.And we talk about that party, putting me down on the floor in front of all those boys and they watch Charles slide in and out of me and they get hard and want to play with themselves and I want them to cum on me. And Charles holds me open and they all look at me and want to touch me.

Two fingers slide into my asshole, and they hurt. I look away, cover my eyes with my hand, can't talk very well, and still want more story about how girls need to be trained by their daddies, they need to be stretched and opened up, and I try to make body relax, and then I think about how I want his cock inside me, and how much bigger his cock is than his fingers and my whole body tenses up again, but I'm told to turn over and stick my ass in the air, and I do, with lots of shy insecure wiggles.

And then slowly, with all the patience in the world, at my pace, Charles starts to stick his cock into my asshole, and I try to relax and push and hide all at the same time. I just try to breathe and I feel hot, very hot, burning up hot. And his cock feels so incredible, I think about how very much I've wanted this. I feel too hot and non-verbal for stories, I just feel what this feels like, and I like it and all I want is more. It feels like every single heartbeat is communicated.

We stop and Charles cums on my tummy, and I'm a happy and content little girl.