New Orleans Police Department


Lt. Edwin P. Compass III

The Commander of the Community Oriented Police Squad since its inception in February of 1995, Lt. Compass has served in the Urban Squad, Applicant Investigations and Intelligence. In addition to C.O.P.S., he has also commanded the Street Crimes Unit and the Police Athletic League. His awards include a Medal of Merit, three Medals of Commendation, two letters of commendation, and a unit citation. He has been a five time winner of Policeman of the Month, was a 1995 Top Cop nominee, won the WDSU TV "Making a Difference" Award and the St. Philip Pre-School Volunteer of the Year Award.


Lt. Donald J. Paisant

The Assistant Commander of the Community Oriented Police Squad, Lt. Paisant has served in the Third District and the Second District. He has been a criminal and administrative investigator in Internal Affairs and was Assistant Commander of the Personnel Division. His awards include two unit citations, a lifesaving award and eight letters of commendation.

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